Canon Lawyers: Cardinal Roche’s jihad on the Latin Mass violates Canon Law

Editor’s Note: I will only recall, that a few days ago, I explained that the whole Church would get a lot more grace now, that it has a legitimate Roman Pontiff recognized by nearly everyone. Also, that I had said that the petrine munus concedes graces even to those round about Peter to help him fulfill his mandate. — After 10 years talking about canonical problems in the Declaratio of Pope Benedict XVI, without any canonist barely muttering a word, now canonists are rising up to defend the faithful. All this is from the High Priestly Prayer of Christ.

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4 thoughts on “Canon Lawyers: Cardinal Roche’s jihad on the Latin Mass violates Canon Law”

  1. The Novus Ordo Mass is sterile and will soon wither on the vine. I attend a Novus Ordo parish as the nearest Latin Mass is 3.5 hours away. The convid lockdowns turned out to be a great excuse for the few young people and families in the parish to avoid attending mass. They have not returned since the lockdowns ended. The average age of our congregation is 70+ and many die each year.

    The fruitful Latin Mass of the Ages is drawing young people and families back to the Church and the Vatican officials’ attempts to suppress the Mass is designed to destroy the Catholic Church once and for all. It is also despicable that they are promoting pagan worship practices and rituals while trying to wipe out the Latin Mass. Their evil schemes will ultimately fail. Keep up the good fight Latin Mass attendees. I am placing my trust in Christ the King and Our Blessed Lady whose Immaculate Heart will triumph.

  2. Cdl Roche appears to be the modern-day equivalent of Abp Annibale Bugnini [though not as clever…] who wreaked havoc in the Vatican’s liturgical offices for nearly three decades, 1948-76. They share a hatred for the TLM.

    But……Brother Alexis, in view of your recent posting of Pius V’s mighty “Quo primum” [1570], can we the laity safely ignore all the bombastic liturgical pseudo-tyranny coming from Cdl Roche?
    And, more importantly, how can we best advise our priests & bishops bearing in mind the threatened forthcoming further restrictions on the TLM?

    It would seem to me that having the use of a private chapel would be a great advantage. Failing that, its ‘back to the proverbial catacombs’ i.e. people’s homes, garages, private halls, or the ‘Mass rocks’ amongst the countryside of Ireland & other mountainous nations!

    1. I think everyone should have a prayer corner or private chapel. If your children have grown up and moved out, turn one of their bedrooms into a chapel.

      There are plenty of laity who see Quo Primum as trumping all liturgical reforms since Vatican II. The problem is that no bishop does and few priests have the courage to even say so, because you will be suspended a divinis by your Bishop if you take that position.

      1. Many thanks. Agreed 100%!

        Here in a little corner of southern England we do indeed have regular access to a private chapel which was formely used by both men & women religious, who have moved elsewhere.
        Currently we have TLM’s on 1st Fridays & 2nd Sundays and we pray for more frequent TLM’s in the future. In the meantime the chapel can be used for various devotional & prayer-functions and, once we get an appropriate musical instrument installed then we can add sacred music where appropriate.

        I also have a garden-room at home which could easily be used for TLMs if & when necessary. I had planned for this in the Summer of 2020, thinking that our places of worship might be closed again in the next ‘plandemic’……I had not anticipated that the Vatican itself would be attempting to abrogate the TLM!!

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