USA: Bishop of Kansas City joins Denver Archbishop in denouncing Cardinal McElroy for error

Editor’s Note: I shake my head when I see two Bishops who cannot use the word, “heresy” to name a thing which is clearly heresy, if not total apostasy. If you want a Jesus who embraces the sin of sodomy, you are worshiping a Demon and not Jesus Christ. That should be obvious.

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3 thoughts on “USA: Bishop of Kansas City joins Denver Archbishop in denouncing Cardinal McElroy for error”

  1. The Chickens are coming home to roost. And we are in “the 70th week” of the Book of Daniel.
    Russian (but not western) media has announced that Pope Francis will visit Moscow in this spring.
    The 1962 prophecy of Garabandal says that when “a big Synod ends”, and right after the Pope returns from Moscow, — the Tribulation will begin. Hostilities will break out all over Europe.

    Within one year the will come “The Miracle” at Garabandal, –but which will be seen worldwide. Shortly after that will be world ward “The Warning” in which we shall EACH all see our sins from God’s point of view (the horror will kill some) , and also that Catholicism is the one true Religion.–

    There will be about 6 weeks afterward in which we have to repent, make a good confession, or be baptised Catholic.
    Make this Lent a good one, –for it is the last before the Tribulation.
    If mankind does not repent, then comes the Chastisement –“fire falling from Heaven,” in which 2/3s to 3/4s of humanity dies “and the living will envy the dead”.
    After which, the survivors rebuild the Church and western civilisation in a brief, but beautiful era of peace in which God’s will shall be done on earth, as it is in Heaven.”

  2. “The effect of the tradition that all sexual acts outside of marriage constitute objectively grave sin has been to focus the Christian moral life disproportionately upon sexual activity,” the San Diego cardinal wrote. Ironically the cardinal is promoting a lifestyle(s) where sexual activity if the disproportionate focus. And they decry “exclusion” while they are attempting to exclude Christ and His teachings and faithful from the Catholic Church.

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