Musk at “World Government Summit”: It’s not good to have too much cooperation

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12 thoughts on “Musk at “World Government Summit”: It’s not good to have too much cooperation”

  1. Like the whole creation unity in diversity is best.
    It always smells bad when they are going for everything the same.
    This is not like the creation, where even every blade of grass is different.
    You see this a lot in socialism, communism, governments where they want everything and everybody the same, with no exceptions.

  2. It’s not on topic but this very interesting and short article on Berlusconi’s comments related to Zelensky. He may inadvertently have spilled the beans as to the purpose of the war: to implement a Marshall plan for Ukraine.

    1. I said that last summer. but more specifically, get the National Bank of Ukraine in the Bank of International Settlements system, to pay them $ for indemnitiees and reconstruction.

  3. Br Bugnolo

    My 17 year old son is interested in philosophy. He recently made a short presentation on the Death of Metaphysics. Is there a book you can suggest he can read to deepen his knowledge on the subject?

      1. The Catholic Education system of the middle ages began with the Trivium, and then went on to the Quadrivium. Look up the meaning of these terms.

  4. John –the reason to study Latin is that much of the wisdom of the last 2000 years was written in the official language of the Church, and the international language of scholars, physicians (scientists) and lawyers.
    Only a fraction of Europe’s Latin books and documents (deemed the most important or practical) have been translated into English, and the translations are sometimes edited, and not always accurate. Much of the untranslated work is (often wrongly) overlooked as of “obscure” interest, and yet much arcane and useful knowledge is hidden there if you don’t read Latin.
    The first and best rule of scholarship is: ALWAYS STUDY THE PRIMARY SOURCES (= in the original languages) .
    Because Latin is now a “dead” language, the meanings can no longer “evolve”, so the definitions are “fixed”.
    Latin is a logical and precise language, and so it is hard to prevaricate or misunderstand a text because of ambiguous word meanings . It is a language which fosters precise and coherent thought. Pope Francis isn’t a Latinist; That’s why his encyclicals are so diffuse and full of theologically dangerous ambiguities.

  5. He saw what happened to Pfizer that obediently executed everything and were fed to the dogs.

    He also saw politicians who blindly played along and died.

    He knows they will also kill them and find replacements.

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