Pope Francis: General Audience of Feb. 15, 2023 A. D.

 Text in original and in translation:

10 thoughts on “Pope Francis: General Audience of Feb. 15, 2023 A. D.”

  1. John 21,17-18
    “You know that I love You.”
    Jesus said to him, “Feed My sheep. […]”

    If I want to be the Lord’s, I have to allow Him to be my shepherd; and He is not the shepherd of wolves, He is the shepherd of lambs, meek, humble, kind as the Lord is.

  2. Praise be to Our Lord Jesus Christ. For Bergoglio was lost and now Francis is found.

    I am gobsmacked at the total transformation of the man. Habemus Papam.

  3. From this reading, I take it that Francis is no longer against proselyzation (= evangelisation) ? Allelulia!

    Yet Francis is still grabbing the valuable real estate property of evicted cloistered nuns.
    And good sources say that in Holy Week he’s going to announce that he’s putting increasing restrictions on the Latin Mass.
    When Francis stops doing that, I’ll know the Holy Ghost has worked a miracle of conversion on him.
    Meanwhile I’m grateful to God that he’s not uttering blatant heresies.

    1. Well Simon Peter denied Christ 3x, which is worse than apostasy, since he knew Him and was His disciple for 3 years. So if anyone wants an immaculate pontiff, he will have to look elsewhere than the Catholic Church.

      1. Peter also was called “satan” (resister) by Jesus, he also spoke nonsense after the Transfiguration, later joined the Judaizers who wanted to go back to the Mosaic Law, and also had to be pushed to accept the converted gentiles, and finally … had to be reminded of his duties as bishop of Rome when he was fleeing the persecution of Nero. But all is well that ends well, he understood in the end and offered his life to God in glorious martyrdom thus becoming the model for many Bishops to come who would glorify God in such manner in spite of their obvious imperfections.

        St. Peter’s life is a small scale prophetic model of the Papacy that was to come.

  4. This was beautiful, simple and humble. Such gentle words with such power! Sounds like the Holy Spirit to me! I cried like an orphan whose dad finally came home to feed his starving children! May God continue to protect His Church and lead us all to heaven.

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