UNBREAKABLE DOCUMENTARY – Espisode 4 — mRNA Vaccines as Population Control

Editor’s Note: Some really profound theology here: “We will never understand God, therefore we must never try to be God.” “We need our kids to understand, that there is only one God, and it’s not you!” — Dr. Mikovitis

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2 thoughts on “UNBREAKABLE DOCUMENTARY – Espisode 4 — mRNA Vaccines as Population Control”

  1. I usually don’t have issues with the material reposted here, but…

    Everytime I try to click on one of these “Unbreakable”, there is no “episode”, it takes me to some advert site, which does everything it can to prevent me from leaving without signing up and paying them.
    It’s phishing and spam…

    1. You have to sign up at the site to see the videos. Its not phishing, but it is commercialized. I do not like that, but many of my readers don’t bother. So if you don’t like it just don’t click on this Unbreakable Documentary series.

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