USA: Blackrock was behind the Toxic Release in Ohio Train Wreck

Editor’s Note: Yes, the Conspiracy theorists of last week, were right!

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8 thoughts on “USA: Blackrock was behind the Toxic Release in Ohio Train Wreck”

  1. More than ‘fishy’. Completely SATANIC…EVIL TO DANTE’S FROZEN CORE OF HELL! People keep saying THIS IS MERELY SPIRITUAL AND THE BATTLE IS BASED UPON STANDING OUR GROUND IN MERE FAITH and the truth of the matter is…EVIL HAS NO BOUNDARIES AND THIS WILL NOT END UNTIL BLOOD IS SHED AND MORE IS ON THE GROUND IN RISK. It’s been clear from the victory of Trump over the Clinton Crime Family…Not that either is innocent. Genocide, Slavery towards Absolute Power is the only acceptable end for these beings of hell. Don’t know the reason people don’t get this fact about evil; that God and God’s WAY is the only boundary and human beings can only pray, fast, do penance and sacrifice…OBEY to strengthen God’s forces…Only God can END THIS.

  2. Best though provoking joke of the month:
    Q: What is your identity?
    A: “Conspriacy theorist.”

    Q. What are your pronouns?
    A: “I told you so.”

    1. Actually there are more derailments than are reported in the USA, where the rail lines are in private hands and poorly maintained.

  3. The Ohio Governor is an idiot, I hate to say! I worked in environmental protection for 2 years in the oil business and the company or person that is responsible for the spill, must immediately notify the state’s department of Environmental Protection and if there is no State department, they must notify the EPA within minutes of a release or spill. These Government agencies respond quickly to the site and though a company can provide a recommendation on how to proceed to prevent further contamination and/or conduct the cleanup, the Environmental Agency must give the okay to proceed.

    I know that there would be no environmental agency that would ever approve a controlled burn because of the type of hazardous compounds created from the spilled chemicals are so dangerous to human and to all life. These agencies also would not allow the rail cars to be emptied like they were but would have required vacuum trucks to siphon up the spilled material to be taken to a hazardous waste facility.

    The way this spill was handled is so totally off the wall, that it has to be known that this was some kind of planned event to injure and scare many people. Every company has environmental advisors on staff and the correct environmental procedure was not followed. I hope the damaged Town people sue this rail company for the extreme damages they have caused and for the future damages to their health. In this case, a lawsuit is definitely justified.

    1. The citizens of Ohio and PA should file a class action against everyone involved and all their investors.

  4. Alot of Conservatives, those in Congress, on TV and those mind control by russian propaganda, “oh, we must stop arming Ukraine or Putin will press the button.” Really, the Satanic Masonic Mass Murderers on our shores have nuked a few towns from the train derailment

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