One thought on “Boycott Pfizer – Recording of Live Broadcast from Feb. 15, 8 PM EST”

  1. Don’t know the reason it’s impossible to write in paragraphs in this forum. The information provided here has been released by The Enigma Team through Substack’s ‘Katherine Witt and Sacha Latypova’. The Dr. Ryan Cole spoken of here was supposed to be one of the Independent Doctors leading the Resistance and was one of the Leaders organizing the Independent Lakaruppropet Conference in Stockholm, Sweden in the last two weeks where W.H.O. Whistleblower, Doctor Astrid Stuckelberger was FORCED TO END HER PRESENTATION when she OUTLINED THE EXACT PLANS OF W.H.O.; bit by bit through 2024. A Dr. Glenn Dormer, in the audience reported via Dr. Jane Ruby of this hysterical, forced ending to this presentation when she began to address the FACT of the presence of Ai Technology in many of the DOD defined Countermeasures RE-IMAGINED AS ‘Vaccines’ by the HHS and FDA following the change of definition of ‘Vaccine’. Dr. Cole, spoken of in this presentation, is NOT a TRUSTWORTHY CONNECTION…He is ‘Controlled Opposition’. Though the TOP OF THE PROVERBIAL FOOD CHAIN OF THIS PRESENT DARKNESS WAS NOT DEFINED BY Stuckelberger…Dr. Dormer claims it to be common knowledge of the actual Leadership to be as after WW2; the BIS, and Central Bankers to be the origin of this evil. As FromRome has reported ALL THE CENTRAL BANKER FAMILIES TO BE CONNECTED TO The Town of London and the surviving members of the European Monarchy and chosen Dictators controlling the rest of the world WITH THEIR SUPPORT, TECHNOLOGY AND WITH THEIR FINANCING…We know this CURRENT ENEMY IS THE SAME ENEMY/CRIMINAL AGAINST HUMANITY AS ALWAYS…Those most EVIL; the Monarchy of Europe once hidden away and now rising to again TYRANIZE AND ENSLAVE AS THEY ALWAYS DID AND HAVE ALWAYS SOUGHT TO DO AGAIN SINCE THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION. THEY HAVE BEEN TERRIFIED SINCE THAT MOMENT IN HISTORY AND THE INSPIRATION IT INSPIRED THROUGHOUT THE WORLD LEADING TO THEIR LOSS OF POWER, FALL, AND MURDERS THROUGHOUT THE GLOBE BY THOSE THEY HAD ALWAYS ENSLAVED, STARVED, RAPED, SICKENED AND INJURED THROUGHOUT ALL TIME. THAT IS THE TRUE HYDRA…Not the snaky heads causing all the DISTRACTION/DIVERSIONS, and False Flags. It’s going to require more than simple localization of Markets and reconnection to family with Home Schooling to protect the innocent from the weak imps and gremlins as the low-flung demons on the Satanic Hierarchy. EVIL MUST BE PURSUED, INDICTED, TRIED AND PUNISHED with Mockery, Removal of all Assets and Money before LIFETIME IMPRISONMENT/ISOLATION FROM ALL THOSE LOVED and PUBLIC EXECUTION.
    As heinous as the Countermeasure/Vaccine has been and the injury, disability and death it’s caused; THIS IS NOT THE PRIMARY DANGER…It’s simply a snaky head of the Hydra…MUST GO AFTER THE HYDRA AND ERADICATE IT AS TO ALLOW EVIL TO CONTINUE IS TO ALLOW IT TO GROW AND CONSUME ALL UNTIL NOTHING IS REMAINING OF GOOD. The Passport I.D.’s, Concentration Camps RE-IMAGINED TO BE ‘Smart or 15 Minute Cities’, CBDC’s now entering society by ‘The Fed’ through VIRTUALLY ALL THE FEDERAL LARGE BANKS is the current threat and it’s progressing bit by bit towards COMPLETE CONTROL of all Production, Markets, actual BODIES CONTROLLED THROUGH Ai Infiltration as well as DELIBERATE Institutional collapse. MUST BEGIN TO FOCUS UPON THE PRIMARY THREAT AND THOSE REALLY KNOWN TO BE BEHIND IT AND THE WAY TO ERADICATE THEM instead all the Snaky Heads of the Hydra…And, IT MUST BEGIN NOW.

    Though I’ve sought to learn how…I don’t know how to create Hyperlinks to the Substack and Rumble information to supplement what this presentation imparted. It is possible to go to Dr. Jane Ruby, Katherine Witt, addressing the law and regulations/codes placed to attempt to make CRIME LAWFUL AS THOUGH IT NEVER HAPPENED OVER 100 years, and Sacha Latypova, Owner of a Pharma Company, Author, Artist. Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger from the W.H.O. most certainly would be an advantageous Interview to get as she KNOWS FAR MORE THAN SHE HAS BEEN ALLOWED TO REPORT EVEN AMONG THOSE OPENLY DEFINED TO BE RESISTANCE; who seem to actually be COVERT ENEMIES. Am looking forward to her presentation being released from Lakaruppropet Conference in Stockholm. ***Important to note…Sasha Latypova’s presentation from Stockholm has been released and is found on both her Substack as well as in Rumble. IMPORTANT TO HEAR ALL THESE PEOPLE.

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