ROME: Pope Francis establishes professional oversight committee for Diocese

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9 thoughts on “ROME: Pope Francis establishes professional oversight committee for Diocese”

  1. “All six members are laypeople who come from the professional world.”

    surely this is further bringing the church away from the hands of the priests and the elect?

      1. What specifically does that mean?
        –A virtue-signal -layer of “synodal” bureaucracy to cheer-lead, whitewash, or manufacture consent about whatever?
        — Or a STASI to intimidate or spy on clerics who protest moral, financial, or liturgical abuses?

  2. Hello, there is prophecy book back then The Warning Second Coming that tells Maria Divine Mercy and it got a lot of hate, which seems to make it the Truth. They even claimed the date right for Pope Benedict XVI’s “abdication.” They even claimed Pope Benedict XVI is still the pope back then in 2013. Father Michel Rodrigue also copied messages from The Warning Second Coming.

    I wonder if it is truly a work of God because right now their messages contradict for telling Pope Francis is the false prophet in 2013. Right now Pope Francis I is acting like a true pope. I wonder if it is possible to have contradicting messages?

    1. Maria Divine Mercy was the pen name of a atheist journalist from Ireland who wanted to hoodwink Catholics the world over. She copied news articles, back dated her prophecies by a year or two and published them on line. Intel agencies promote her work to encapture minds into givine allegiance to her fantasy book. It’s a sign of mental sickness that people believe in prophecies without doing any investigation into where they come from.

      1. br, im not saying shes genuine but she is definitely an outcast in ireland. all the bishops decried her here in ireland- which for my part says look into this further. i have seen parts of her book through a friend of mine and it states clearly that vaxxes would be used to kill people and it was printed in 2013. she also predicted the illumination of conscious.
        i know nothing br but i do know the Good Book says false prophets will spring up and even the elect would be fooled. i just dont know.

      2. “…where the body is, the vultures gather…” is the teaching of the Bible in the Gospels. It is a mention how false prophets will attract crowds.

        If she is decried by the pharisees, then she is suffering persecution like Jesus. It is best I follow Gamaliel’s advice in the acts of the apostles, lest I be fighting against God.

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