Climate Change is caused by atmospheric pressure, not human activity

Editor’s Note: This is a presentation for those with a good background in physics, mathematics, and the history of the planet Earth. — In laymen’s terms, the conclusion is that Earth’s surface temperature is altered only by massive changes in total atmospheric pressure, which man has no way of altering by his activity.

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2 thoughts on “Climate Change is caused by atmospheric pressure, not human activity”

  1. When I took Earth Science in HS, weather & climate (not the same things) were part of that course (which verified, geologically, Noah’s flood, FYI). What we learned, and still makes the most sense to me is that the primary driver of Earth’s climate is the sun, not all those other excuses that “money grabbing” globalists keep tossing out, including this one! We are just coming out of a grand solar minimum in the sun’s and Earth’s relative cycles, a configuration that is HISTORICALLY rare but always responsible for very fierce and erratic weather events, when they do occur; solar minimums are more frequent but less chaotic events. If the globalists really mut pin “global warming” on a “greenhouse” gas, they chose the wrong one; H2O is the most abundant, and one that most anyone can tell impacts warming or cooling simply by stepping outside.
    Interplanetary pressures have minimal impact on us; the diver of air pressure changes on Earth is heat, which we derive from our sun, not other planets; all the fancy math convolutions will not alter that fact, any more than did the contrived “hockey stick” graph decades ago. (For the chemically challenged H2O is water, vaporized, and felt as humidity.). It’s really not that complicated, and the natural laws Yhwh God set in place to govern the universe He created, including Earth, are wonderfully self-corrective ( see storms of various types, volcanoes, earthquakes, etc), just “as if” He knew what humans and other influences were going to do!
    Humans are not causing climate changes, anymore than they can stop them happening: climate change is what EARTH does, precisely as it was designed to do! If Yhwh God wishes to stop the process He can, but all 8 billions of us, put together, cannot. The sole purpose for this cam is to put OUR money into Klaus Schwab’s, Al Gore’s, Bil Gates’, et al’s pockets, PERIOD! Nothing and no one is being “saved”.

  2. A conceited mosquito was heard saying to his mates: “Guys! No more landing on the elephant or we’re going to break his back!”

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