Intentionally Anti-Social Media

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

We were sold the idea that with technology, a whole new world of social interaction would open up. But it was a fraud.

We were sold the idea that if we all had cellphone we would be put in contact more easily with the world around us. That was a lie.

What has resulted from the high tech media revolution is more isolation, more disinformation, and more mind control than ever.

When I think of the social life my parents had in the 40s and 50s and compare it to my own, there were stark differences. Even by the 70s most institutions had deteriorated so that there were no activities for young people or families on any regular basis.

I grew up with the television and my friends in the back yard. Even in my neighborhood the boys never got together to play baseball or football.

There were no lectures to be heard at the public library, no dinners at the Parish, no concerts, except the ones I was in as saxophonist.

But today, the degredation is even worse. Young people and families have nothing to do but stay on social media all day. Their neighborhoods are dead. Their towns are lifeless.

I remember one day more than 10 years ago, when it rained continually for 40 days, and then came one day of sunshine. All the children in the neighborhood came out to play and walk. I could not believe my eyes. The streets were full of children.

Where were all these children hiding?

In front of computer screens and cellphones, where they wasted their youth.

But now, the control is nearly complete. Because while we think we are using social media, what we are really using is anti-social media, designed to put into your head and soul what the Globalists want you to think and desire, and silence and choke out anything opposed to that.

No one is listening even on platforms like Twitter where it has become a wasteland of paid promotions, bots, and the 1 or 2 humans who may see your tweet this week.

What we are allowed to see is paganism, perversion, and anything which causes us to separate from one another, hate Christ or His Church, and disbelieve in His promises.

I recently took a bitter red pill when I realized that an entire organization of priests has the express purpose to teach souls not to believe in Christ as the savior of His own Church: but to despair, hate and schism from the rest of the Church as the sole means of salvation.

We are in the days wherein the spirit of the Antichrist is commonly found. Sanity and common sense are rare indeed.

And if you have these, you will be viciously attacked.

While fools, conclude, that since you are attacked, you must be in the wrong.

The entire structure of social media is built to facilitate lewdness, attacks, liars, calumniators etc., and built with every mechanism to prevent the distribution of truth and for the defense of the truth. We are being habituated to a system out of hell, founded by the sons of witches and baby-butchers.

We gotta wake up, and make life-altering changes.

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3 thoughts on “Intentionally Anti-Social Media”

  1. First is probably cut the internet time and go to Mass.
    Next is to fervently pray the Rosary as the demons roam.
    Third is Christians, for the love of Jesus and Mary, band together, as the antichristic people are banding too.

  2. Yes indeed, the internet is awash with demons striving every which-way to deceive, distract & pervert everyone who has access……

    A couple of years ago, when my ancient Nokia-style mobile “gave up the ghost” I was encouraged by some of my family & friends to invest in a “nice” new smartphone with all the latest high-tech IT……but I resisted as I had absolutely no need to ‘carry the internet around with me’, being perfectly content with my home-based desktop computer with separate tower-unit, screen, keyboard, mouse, & printer/scanner/copier. So I just purchased a cheap update to the old Nokia-style mobile which does’nt even have an inbuilt camera, least of all internet access!
    Phonecalls & texts are just fine for me when I’m out of the house – but they are always inferior to face-to-face conversations with family & friends in Christ, as it always was and as it always should be!!

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