10 thoughts on “Mozambique: Founder of his own church, dies after 25 day fast”

  1. While fasting is a helpful ingredient to atoning for ones sins, it does not seem to me that this Pastor was very prudent.

    Nevertheless, while it is true that Jesus fasted for 40 days, the Bible reports it without much detail about any changes to his physique.

    1. Jesus is God, He did not have to eat to stay alive, even though He was fully human, He had other Power to draw on. Some saints with special graces fasted 40 days, like Saint Francis, who took a whole loaf of bread and came out of it with half a loaf, but for those without a special grace, you end up as this pastor who presumed to exalt himself to the level of Christ Jesus.

      1. I will put as reference: books about victim souls.

        It is not a coincidence that many of them were recorded after the start of Vatican II. It was God’s great mercy for that soul and for the future Catholics and the Catholics at that time.

  2. I thought “fasting” meant reducing your food and drink intake to small amounts compare to one’s usual, but not to stave yourself to death.

    Even prisoners are given some bread and water to stay alive. I must misunderstand the fasting.

    1. There is what is called a black fast, which is eating and drinking nothing. Obviously it cannot be done for long. Even if water alone is admitted, after 3 days one is wiped out. Then there are fasts where only one meal is taken and various foods are removed (usually all animal products whatsoever) and oils, fruits, nuts. This latter is the lenten fasts of the Orthodox and of Catholics in ancient times. I recall that St. Francis, being very sick, was given a bowl of porrige made of beans, and when he discovered it had been made with some pig fat, lamented it loudly for having broken his fast! Fasting like was done in ancient times purifies the body, since most fall into sins of the flesh because they eat too much. And this evil habit is easily broken by such fasts. Wherefore, in ancient times for such sins, your penance was not 3 hail marys, but X number of days of black fast, and X number of weeks of old fasts. in the books of penances published by the holy Irish monks of the 8th-9th centuries, for some sins, you had to fast on bread and water for two days a week, for the rest of your life!

  3. There are a few fanatical Pentecostalist Protestant “churches” based in the Appalachian Mountain region of the USA. This is very much a low income (almost poverty) area of the US, and some tiny villages in these mountains are so small and remote that the people barely speak English, but rather a mountain dialect of their own.
    But most belong to Pentecostolist “Faith” churches, where part of their tradition is fasting for weeks, and also handling and dancing with poisonous snakes. There have been several documentaries made on these people, who fast for two weeks at a time, and have 3 hr. long church services where the pastor and others handle rattlesnakes and other similar snakes. They dance around during their service, and believe that they won’t be bitten, and if they are, that they won’t die.
    Many people over the years, including several “pastors” of these churches (most of which have less than 100 members, but are dotted all thru the Appalachian region) have been bitten, refused medical attention, and became violently ill. Some recovered ant attributed it to their faith in Jesus. But two dozen or so over the years have died. Same with fasting. Several have slipped into comas after fasting for 2+ weeks, and died.

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