Pope Francis, 70 Reporters, 3 Flights, and 0 Heresies or blasphemies

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

What is not there, is very difficult to see or notice.

On January 30, 2023, just hours after being juridically elected pope by apostolic right, Pope Francis headed on a week long journey to Africa, with 70 journalists on board.

He flew from Rome to Kinshasa, the capital of the Congo. And then from Kinshasa to Juba, in the South Sudan. And then from Juba to Rome.

Journalists had time to ask him any question.

But as far as I know, no journalist published anything about heresy or scandal, except the Reuters reporter, on the return trip from Juba, who claimed that when Pope Francis said “persons” he meant “acts”. That story was so obviously false that it disappeared from listings in search engines within days.

How is is that Pope Francis spent a week with 70 journalists and no one heard him say on or off camera anything heretical. And none heard anything blasphemous or scandalous.

Why did 70 journalists fly with him, and report nothing

Was there nothing to report?

Or maybe I am wrong about the number being 70.

Still it is remarkable. But no one is talking about it.

But I am certain of two things. One, that silence is a gift from God. And two, it’s a grace included in Christ’s High Priestly prayer for the one who holds the Petrine Munus.

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10 thoughts on “Pope Francis, 70 Reporters, 3 Flights, and 0 Heresies or blasphemies”

    1. Very interesting Pe Antonio. Could this an expression of grace he is accepting from Jesus’s prayer?

      1. John
        Yes, I believe it is that Grace.

        Now it’s time of Grace and I don’t like to remember the past. I see some priests and lays going on accusing Pope Francis, like they are blind to the present, to the Grace, to the Word of God: «Behold, I make all things new.» (Rev 21,5).
        They are accusing for words or behaviours “pre” 30 january 2023.

        But in this case, I’m just going to remember his feeling when taking possession of the papal apartment (in 2013).

        «Decidí vivir aquí, en la habitación 201, porque, al tomar posesión del apartamento pontificio, sentí dentro de mí un “no”.»

        IN ENGLISH:
        « I chose to live here, in Room 201, because when I took possession of the papal apartment, inside myself I distinctly heard a ‘no.’»

        «I heard a “no”»

        It’s allways Christ taking care of HIS church! «Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. » Heb 13,8

        Lord, have mercy!

  1. It would also be interesting to list some of the heresies he said on other flights with journalists. I translate some of these articles for some faithful and it may help people open their eyes.

    1. Extraordinary the change we are seeing.

      But it seems that Pope Francis spoke last Saturday, February 11th, no?

  2. I know it’s difficult, but it would great to get some inside source close to him who could comment on whether there has been any change in Pope Francis since January 30th.

    1. I think such testimonies would only be given after death. Remember, that the Roman Curia has been terrorized for 10 years. It will take that to give them the confidence to speak.

    2. There was no Change in “Pope Francis” since January 30th. Pope Francis started to be.

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