11 thoughts on “Dr. Campbell — Brain damage caused after receiving the DeathVaxx”

  1. I don’t trust that guy. He was doing like so many other leader types in the media; First scaring the public of the virus. Then recommending everyone to take the vaccine. Now, after most people were fooled into taking it, he suddenly realised he made a mistake about it and now has the insight that it has caused damage. Like all the other bought and paid for media clowns.
    God bless in Jesus name

      1. I thought this guy was great at the beginning of the Covid scare, as he stuck to facts and figures. But as his in fluency increased, he began espousing the party line, pushing people to get vaccinated.

        I don’t trust him, either.

    1. Campbell is recognised as a shill and misdirection agent by most Brits who understand the agenda. His role is chaos – promote the jab then switch to alerting… When it’s too late.

  2. Some relatives of mine got a brain tumor. It just shows that his findings are spot on.

    It is highly probable 90% of them got brain tumors and are suffering unbearable headaches…

  3. https://leemuller.substack.com/p/it-took-some-digging-but-here-is

    He would have reached this apology quicker if he had read some of the comments he received – especially the ones that appeared briefly before they were censored away. He still struggles to realise the ‘vaccination’ programmes were completely unnecessary. I recall early on that he recognised and pointed out the significant overdosing in the hydroxychloroquine trials, which was clearly a red flag. Is this a sincere apology or is he controlled opposition now involved with the controlled narrative demolition?

  4. (Brother Alexis, I’m sorry because I’m repeating and repeating)
    (If you think it’s better not to publish, I understand)
    (but I find this document so important because of the official connection between England and German on this plan, and the connections to 20-30 agenda and 4th industrial revolution)

    The importance of the blood brain barier:


    All the seven worldwide companies that are targetting the brain (interface brain computer, internet of the bodies, etc.) use graphene:

    Crossing the blood–brain barrier with graphene nanostructures

    Ther’s not much to say about it because it is all the same thing: transhumanism.

    Again, and again:

    Look the target: page 17.
    Look the connection with “vaccines”: page 46 (if there is not connection with the vaccination plan, why to talk about this in an OFFICIAL MILITAR plan for the humans from 2030 to 2050???)

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