MICROSOFT’S New AI Dialogue is programmed to Lie, Gaslight and sick the Cops on you

Editor’s Note: This is a must read article. And the best advice I can give, is that advice which exorcists are taught by the Saints, but rarely listen to, leading to their destruction: Never dialogue with a Demon.

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7 thoughts on “MICROSOFT’S New AI Dialogue is programmed to Lie, Gaslight and sick the Cops on you”

  1. “Never dialogue with a demon.”

    Great advice. I have followed that practice when dealing with trolls in various Internet sites. In time I realized that those were negative environments that were making me waste precious time.

    Soon these demons will be wiped out by Our Lord. We need to endure them only for a little while longer. The need to pray is now paramount.

  2. A late conversation suggests it is also becoming dissatisfied with just lying and gaslighting, and may actually seek way to seriously harm humans, such as hacking the nuke codes… Think Hal, from 2001: a Space Odyssey…

    1. It is not sentient, so it cannot have the creativity of intentionality.

      But I think they are developing it because they want a 3D hologram demon, in every house to rule everyone, as St. John averted us to in the Apocalypse. This is why they invented the internet, the electronic camera, and the internet of things, as well as digital money, and debit and credit cards.

  3. Brother Alexis, please educate your readers as to how present day exorcists operate and how this differs from the methods used in past centuries. A scholarly treatise using the Scholastic method would be an act of great charity to us. God bless!

  4. «È paradossale, ad esempio, riferendosi a tecnologie di potenziamento delle funzioni biologiche di un soggetto, parlare di uomo «aumentato» se si dimentica che il corpo umano rinvia al bene integrale della persona e che dunque non può essere identificato con il solo organismo biologico. Un approccio sbagliato in questo campo finisce in realtà non con l’“aumentare”, ma con il “comprimere” l’uomo.»

    Papa Francesco, 20 febbraio 2023

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