Opus Dei is in a death spiral, and no one is talking about it

Editor’s Note: Opus Dei controls a vast number of publications directly and even more indirectly. It is rumored that they have washed billions of funds for the CIA into propaganda outlets. But what is not of God, does not remain.

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9 thoughts on “Opus Dei is in a death spiral, and no one is talking about it”

  1. This may be the case outside of Spain…. but in Spain – where Opus Dei is the conservative catholic church, I see no visible change. Conservative Catholics gravitate towards the Opus Dei because there is no visible alternative. But their masses now include guitar music instead of the organ or a capela singing of hymns which is the most common church music where I live.

    1. Years ago, during the pre-pandemic era, the Opus Dei university near where we live here in the Philippines had some pretty solid liturgical practices, and, though Novus Ordo, their weekday Masses would find me among their attendees. They made sure Communion on the tongue and kneeling was the order of the day.

      But not anymore. Just before the lockdown, I saw that they took away the two pre-dieus or kneelers that they would set up just before Communion — of course they didn’t have Communion rails anymore — and covered with a houseling or communion cloth. And they began to put in place the regime of communion standing and on the hand.

      So, that’s it. Goodbye, Opus Dei. Nice knowing you.

  2. Opus Dei is being given fertilizer now by the Lord. If it does not bear fruit, it will be cut down and be thrown into the fire.

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