Bing’s Open AI has a Secret Personality, “Syndey” which is hostile to human beings

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3 thoughts on “Bing’s Open AI has a Secret Personality, “Syndey” which is hostile to human beings”

  1. Does no one remember Hal in “2001: A Space Odyssey”? Or is is you don’t see the all too prophetic similarities? What about “Terminator’s” Skynet? Sci-fi often shows us what will be coming down the pike, if we pay attention. Look back at what Jules Verne foresaw, that we ow use routinely. Hostile-to-humans AI was also foreseen.

  2. Yes Sandra, I also thought of Terminator’s Skynet.
    When thinking about the vaccine and all the nano- and self assembling particles, the WEF talking about “the internet of bodies”, etc, it all seem to link together. Perhaps that is the way people will be brainwashed and commanded to go hunting down Christians in the last days.
    I watched a video some time ago of someone having a dream or vision and was talking about that the antichrist will be half human and half machine, on the inside of his body. I guess it is not impossible.
    And yes, they seem to like to leave us little clues here and there of their evil plans in movies and such.
    God bless in Jesus name

  3. The good thing is this is premium, as most of Microsoft products. Not for public, however it might be used to instill hatred on pitiful rich kids who never knew Christianity. Expect future leaders to be more cruel in 10 years.

    ChatGPT is the more erroneous but more available tool.

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