Our Lady of Good Success — Detailed Explanation of Approved Apparitions

Editor’s Note: This is an amazing talk, by an excellent Catholic. I would say that it is a must watch for the whole family this week, as Lent begins.

However, note that the opening comment about etymology of the word “Success” is faulty. The actually sense is, “Our Lady of the Good outcome”.

It was after the middle of the 20th Century, that the US Government, controlled by the Masonic Sect, the Skull and Bones Lodge, declared its ideological war against Christianity. And I believe this is why Our Lady of Good Success indicated that moment in time.

Most important testimony here as regards current affairs: The Ukrainian Episcopal Conference explicitly said in March 2022, that the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary was never done in the manner it was requested. — Saints Francisco and Jacinta pray for us!

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  1. The meaning of the word “suceso” in Spanish depends on the context. The most common use is similar to the Italian “cosa che succede” [something that happens, an EVENT]. The good event announced by Our Lady of Good Success is the end of this unjust order brought upon mankind by original sin. Translators call cases like this “a false friend” comparable to someone who translates “estoy embarazada” (I am pregnant) into English as “I am embarrassed” (estoy avergonzada)—there are thousands of “false friends” similar to that. A proper translation of “Nuestra Señora del Buen Suceso” is: “Our Lady of the Good Event” [outcome is also acceptable although technically less precise] — In any case, the title has been mistranslated so often that now it has “returned” into Spanish popular culture with the wrong ‘globalized’ meaning, mainly because “suceso” has other, seldom applied meanings (see below) one of which is “éxito” meaning the successful completion of something, a meaning that is closer to the sense of the same word in Latin.

    = = = =

    From the Latin successus ‘arrival’, ‘success’.

    1. meaning an event [or happening], especially one of some importance.

    2. meaning success, good result, completion of a business.

    3. meaning A criminal act.

    4. meaning Unfortunate accident.

    5m. Mathematics: In a randomized experiment, a subset of all possible outcomes.

    6. m. Archaic, not in use currently: Course or discourse of time.

    = = = =

    Real Academia Española. Definition. The meaning applying here is #1.
    Del lat. successus ‘llegada’, ‘éxito’.
    1. Cosa que sucede, especialmente cuando es de alguna importancia.
    2. Éxito, resultado, término de un negocio.
    3. Hecho delictivo.
    4. Accidente desgraciado.
    5. Mat. En un experimento aleatorio, subconjunto del total de resultados posibles.
    6. m. desus. Transcurso o discurso del tiempo.

      1. Correct. I guess one could translate it either way. The 16th century usage of ‘suceso’ is different in current Spanish. Today it is used (both in Spanish and Portuguese) in the sense of a smashing triumph (” la fiesta fue un suceso!”) which is very close to the English meaning. In any case, Our Lady is talking about the great victory of Christ over evil which I am sure is going to be a smashing success! 🙂

  2. Indeed, a truly excellent talk which “joins up many dots” across various Marian apparitions and Our Lady’s repeated solemn warnings and specific requests.

    I shall share this widely across many Catholic FB groups – the information presented here is vital to those zillions of postconciliar Catholics who have been manifestly deceived & distracted throughout the last six decades by their so-called “shepherds”……!!

    ‘Holy Michael the Archangel, defend us in the day of battle……etc.’

  3. Since the speaker makes reference to the date January 25th, 1938 – the night of the Aurora Borialis, and mentions that it was that night Hitler interpreted as having the God’s favor to invade Austria, I also would like to make the following reference to that night. To an interrogation held in Moscow.

    Dr. Landowsky was a Russianized Pole and lived in Russia. His father, a Colonel of the Russian Imperial Army, was shot by the Bolsheviks during the 1917 revolution. The life-story of Dr. Landowsky is astonishing. He finished the Faculty of Medicine in Russia before the revolution and then studied two years at the Sorbonne in Paris, and he spoke fluent French. He was interested in the effects of drugs on the human organism, to help surgeons in operations. Being a talented doctor, he carried out experiments in this field and had achieved considerable results. The all-seeing NKVD (secret police) became interested in these works and easily discovered the real author. His specialty was very valuable for them. One day in 1936 there was a knock at the doctor’s door. He was invited to follow, and he was never again allowed to rejoin his family. He was placed in the building of the chemical laboratory of the NKVD near Moscow. He lived there and was forced to carry out various jobs given to him by his masters, he was a witness at questionings, tortures and the most terrible happenings and crimes. This book is an exact recorded report of the questioning of the former Ambassador in France, C.G. Rakovsky during the period of the trials of the Trotskyists in the USSR in 1938, when he was tried together with Bukharin, Rykoff, Yagoda, Karakhan, Dr. Levin and others. The questioning took place in French by this agent. The doctor was present in order to put drug pills unnoticed into the glass of Rakovsky, to induce energy and a good mood. Behind the wall the conversation was registered on apparatus, and the technician who operated it did not understand French. Then Dr. Landowsky had to translate into Russian, with two copies, for Stalin and Gabriel. Secretly he dared to make a carbon copy, which he hid anyway.

    It’s a short an fascinating read.

  4. Wow! How true his view of history as he explains the start of World War II compared to what we were fed in school in the west to “pull the wool over our eyes”.

    Thank you again Brother Alexis for sharing this excellent video with us.

  5. I am watching this video a second time. It is an extraordinary summation of the prophecies and very clearly ties the predictions of Our Lady to the history of our times.

    Great find, Br. Bugnolo! Thank you!

    1. Amen & AMEN !!

      I have also watched it twice as it so clearly and effectively “joins up the dots” from Our Lady’s various solemn warnings & requests to the manifest chastisements [spiritual and temporal] in the Church and the world over the last century.

      DEO gratias.

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