UKRAINE: President Biden makes surprise visit to Kiev

Boris Johnson made a visit to Saint Michael’s gold domed Monastery last summer. And was out of office within a month. St. Michael detests hypocrisy. So we can only pray….

You can verify the location via this video, which Br. Bugnolo made last spring:

2 thoughts on “UKRAINE: President Biden makes surprise visit to Kiev”

  1. I enjoyed the video about St. Michael. For your collection of anecdotes: once I asked St. Michael for protection. I prayed the Chaplet and as I said “Amen” to finish the prayer, my phone beeped in a way it has never beeped before. I checked and the screen showed this words: “You have a recovered voice message” (or something to that effect) The message was “I am Michael – I am up front.” That message was a cancelled message by a friend of mine named Michael recorded the previous TUESDAY morning. I received it on the following SUNDAY evening and it beeped exactly when I finished praying the Chaplet of St. Michael! The Archangel is certainly resourceful. Needless to say, I was protected!

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