Br. Bugnolo’s February Appeal

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I want to thank all who have helped me since the New Year, even without asking. I am especially thankful to those who thought of my needs through all the dramatic events of the last two months.

Looking Back

As I wrote in True Devotion to Pope Benedict XVI, back on September 12, 2022, the Feast of the Holy Name of Mary, not everyone who recognized Pope Benedict XVI as still the Pope, was really honest in their intentions. That article was barely noticed, and criticized by no one. But now it is an important historical record.

As we have seen, while it is just to recognize there are problems in the Church, only those Catholics with Faith in Jesus Christ can actually solve them, because only they actually believe in the power of His Name in such wise as to get that done in a way that does His Will and serves the salvation of the multitude.

I am tremendously humbled, that so many of you, from so many nations, helped do the work that needed to be done. Perhaps no one will ever believe us, but the fruit of that holy work is now visible to the nations.

That work cost approximately $60,000 for rental of the Hall and the staff for crowd control. Total donations from all sources amounted to $43,000 roughly. For the rest of the expenses, I asked the estate of my late mother, to pay for them, from the fund set aside for my burial and health care in old age.

Looking ahead

Having finished my work advocating for Pope Benedict XVI, I am determined to stay at the Hermitage of the Holy Cross, to do what I can to help the Roman Church. And for that reason I appreciate your support.

I wish to express thanks to all those who participated in the Chapel Fundraiser,  in December, which has provided all the things necessary for when a Priest visits. — Priests visiting Rome, who need a place to stay, for free, where they can say daily Mass, before or after their daily visit to Rome, are always welcome (they can contact me via a comment, here at FromRome.Info for more information).

Many ask what are the normal monthly expenses, here at the Hermitage, and so I give this breakdown, in Euros: 1300 for rent, 75 for electricity, 35 water, and in Wintertime 550 monthly for heat, and 250 for food and supplies.

Thanks to all of you who, in addition to the Election Fund, helped me, I met the needs for January and February.

In advance I offer my gratitude and prayers to all who read this article, regardless of whether they can or cannot help me this month.

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