USA: Arrest has been made in murder of Bishop David O’Connell

Press conference begins after 14:30 of silent intro in the above video.

Summary: Medina, husband of the housekeeper, who had himself done work around the residence of the Bishop, who lived by himself, was disgruntled, considering himself unpaid by the Bishop for previous work done on the Bishop’s residence. He is now the prime suspect in the murder. — At end of presentation, Archbishop Gomez is brought to tears.

It appears that the suspect in the case is a legal immigrant to the United States from Latin America.


It appears that the Bishop’s misfortune may have been merited by his gross errors in theology and morals. In fact, everyone praising him as a holy and loving man, is a far-left marxist.


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3 thoughts on “USA: Arrest has been made in murder of Bishop David O’Connell”

  1. “Male non fare, paura non avere.” Those who don’t espouse evil have nothing to fear. This sad episode is a sobering reminder that we need to respect the true doctrine of the faith if we want to enjoy God’s protection and His many mercies.

    Beware those in the upper echelons of the hierarchy because this may be a harbinger of things to come. Long is the patience of God but sooner or later His justice must be served.

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