Beware, because most “Catholic” Social Media Accounts are actually Masonic

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

on the article by Catholic World Report: On Social Media and Spiritual Dangers for Catholics Today

How does a Catholic distinguish a social media account which claims to be Catholic, from one which is only claiming that?

There is a good practical rule: judge them by their own words.

If they teach error, heresy, schism, they are not Catholic.

Do not be confused by any sort of apparent claim to be “conservative” or “traditional”, stick to the rule.

As regards error: if they say someone who is not the pope is the pope, pay them no attention.

Or if they say a document has more authority than it does, pay them no attention.

Of if they jettison faith and follow every whim of their leaders or superiors, they are not Catholic. It does not make much of a difference, whether they are self-proclaimed leaders or canonical superiors, the sin is the same. Though Faith does teach that we should never heed the advice of a self-proclaimed leader.

Why are there so many accounts on social media by persons or groups claiming to be Catholic but who are violating this Rule?

This is a good question, and perhaps if I do not answer it right now, it will preoccupy your attention long enough for you to find the answer. Because, when you find the answer after personal search, it often means more to you and is more easily remembered, than an answer given you on the plate, without asking.

However, I think you will find that if accounts spreading error, heresy, or schism, seem to be promoted more than those who tell the truth, then you have to wonder if they are or have the support of Freemasonry.

Right now there is a world-wide effort to make the Catholic Faith and Sacred Hierarchy appear to be something they are not. But no one is talking about resisting that effort, because for the most part, those who are shouting “Recognize and Resist” are feeding you a false narrative, as explained here.


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