11 thoughts on “DeathVaxxes, in addition to Death, cause everything from Cancer to Psychosis”

  1. I may be mistaken here, but I believe the psychosis is much more propaganda-induced than from the jab although that may well exacerbate it. It’s the more psych-directed medications that tend to cause psych symptoms.

    1. I am seeing that! Pure evil if that’s really what we are now witnessing. How can such an instinctual hunch be proven? This would certainly be one heck of a terrible thing to be imagining as it will impact how we interact and thrive in a Techno Pagan nation, if true. Like this would be a very big deal. . .!

  2. A good friend of mines has become psychotic, from a day to another 🙁
    A young woman full of life, 35 years old.. now not able anymore to work, under anxiolitics etc.. back living to her parents.
    I’m sad of this.
    I also see many colleagues having memory troubles, being incoherent.

    1. Horrible. I just watched a vaccinated man who was losing his home make a choice to bring in an attractive homeless woman and then still try to capitalize on my useful existence in his life by having me establish a profitable rental relationship with her, who I do not know. He wasn’t rational anymore. This was an irrational decision and so now the potential to save his home has been sacrificed to a stranger. I am at a complete loss as to handle the weird behavior in this vaxxed person. If this is a vaxx related psychosis outbreak we are negotiating here, won’t this make things more challenging than they need to be? I am not sure how to add the psychotic variable to future plans.

      1. yes indeed we can all find occurences of irrational, incoherent, weird behaviour around us
        in France, a young guy has stabbed his professor with a kitchen knife, causing her death, in class
        it’s in a catholic and private college
        the guy has said “I was possessed, I heard voices telling me to do this”
        of course none has asked if he was arnm-poisonned or not
        but I.. wonder
        let’s be careful, all
        the video by which I landed on this Fr. Bugnolo website was “whe the flu season comes, the chaos will begin”.. it has begun

    1. Sores will grow over the vaccinated eventually, and they will try to kill themselves, but death will escape them – as said in the book of Revelations.

      Unless they repent, horrible fate awaits in the very end – the three days of darkness prophesied by the saints.

  3. The real problem is this chip devices invading your brain. In a glance it might be like injecting needles into your brain and your kidneys and your liver that will cause you immense pain.

    Spiritually, having committed a mortal sin and having unrepented of it is also disturbing your peace because Jesus is not with you.

    1. Graphene seems to give every disease they ( Pfizer, JJ, etc… ) want, at the press of their button using 5G transmission.

      This is why they want those shots.

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