Pope Francis has caught the bad cold which is running round Rome

Editor’s Note: If the Holy Father has caught the same thing I had, it will be a long recovery: 21 days, 3 days of antibiotics, lots of flegm in the lungs, throat, bouts of fever, and a horrible affliction of strong coughs. Nightquill did nothing, medicines for the lungs made it worse. I found the cure in sleeping 12 hours a day, drinking hot water to loosen the flegm, and in gargling 3x with Scotch, as the coughing was caused by a bacterial infection of the mouth which made the saliva so acidic it irritated the lungs, and which mouthwash did not cure but made worse. Also, once I gave up daily vitamins, my strength returned. I really have no idea what Centrum is putting into their products now-a-days.

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10 thoughts on “Pope Francis has caught the bad cold which is running round Rome”

  1. In the multi vitaminics:
    There is
    Iron oxide
    But “it’s not Toxic”, he says.

    The great thesis:
    It’s not graphene “because graphene Is not magnetic”. It isn’t?



    Ecc. Ecc. Ecc.

    Mister and Mrs “scientists”, “specialists” what if you study before talking? Ok? Study, be Logic, and then talk.

  2. Such a long recovery, but thank God it’s behind you now. I don’t take any of the “brand name” multi-vitamins myself, just plenty of supplements specific to my desired needs and goals: D3, Vit C, zinc and quercetin being a few of the basics.

    Povidone iodine mouthwash/gargle is highly recommended by Dr. Peter McCullough, who says it’s very effective at removing pathogens causing illness (C-19 etc). (I don’t know if it would have worked better than Scotch, but he swears by it.) I used povidone iodine when I had covid last August, along with nebulized hydrogen peroxide, but can’t say for sure how much it sped up recovery. But I didn’t suffer with that nearly as much, or for as long as it sounds like you did with that recent illness. Stay well, Br. Bugnolo.

    1. I never used to get so sick. But I made the mistake of taking the Sanofi Pasteur Yellow Fever Vaccine in May of 2019, and I have had nasty colds ever since.

  3. I gave you some good advice–chicken soup with fresh, crushed garlic, echinacea tea, and colloidal silver from a nebulizer. I have other good suggestions, but since you didn’t listen to the first ones, I don’t see why I should wear out my little typing finger, lol. I prayed for you, anyway.

    1. Agree but the problem is, if taking care of yourself, and you’re feeling lousy, summoning the energy to get out, buy a fresh chicken and veggies, then make it, takes some doing.

  4. Nowadays it’s very easy to inhabilitate a person in mind and body or even take to death, but wanting to do exactly the oposite (wanting to take care). graphene + radiation.

    The scale of production of “the miracle material”

    Intranasal vaccination with influenza HA/GO-PEI nanoparticles (2021)
    They tell it arrives to the lungs. It goes almost directly to the brain

  5. My colleague from old work told me that vitamins are petroleum-based products, so he never took it. He works for an oil company by the way.

    Anyone who sells vitamins is actually quack.

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