A Case Study in Russian Propaganda’s Fake News Operation

Commentary and Analysis by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Here is a case study, which every sane, rational and objective reader can access, to see just how the reality which is reported is repackaged by Russian Propaganda outlets, to declare events which never happened or to manufacture statements never said.

See the article above by Life Site News, as the prime example.

This article is being promoted by Frank Walker, at Canon212.com, under the rubric: “Jalsevac: LifeSiteNews has known about the deliberate western provoking of Russia for some time. Now we see the western conspirators finally admitting that there has been much more to this conflict than they have been willing to tell“.

Mr. Walker has accurately quoted the co-founder and managing editor of LifeSiteNews.com: Steve Jalsevac, who is apparently a Croatian, by his paternal descent (see here).

But maybe it was unwise to wager the entire editorial reputation of your news site, before listening to the actual video cited in your article.

An here is the rub, as we say in American slang: Jalsevac does cite the video in his editorial, but he has it set to start in mid sentence, at 6 minutes 8 seconds, so you do not hear the context of the statement. That is at least sloppy, and at most totally dishonest.

FromRome.Info never does that, because I believe that reality is the news, not censored reality.

Watch the entire video for the real meaning of what was said.

Jalsevac evidently got his editorial direction, for his misrepresentation, from the Conservative Tree House, as he cites them in his editorial:

I find it amusing that this Russian Propaganda source styles themselves as the Last Refuge for Conservatives.  I really do not think Conservatives need to take refuge in a mafia state run by crooks, murderers, and thieves, let alone consider that their last refuge. In fact, it seems very anti-Conservative to do so.

Anyone who has not impaired their rational capacity by taking an experimental vaccine in the last 2 years, might notice that calling your website “Conservative Tree House” might actually imply that the authors of the site, or even the money behind it, might think that Conservatives are juvenile introverts, or something of the sort.

But the facts are there for everyone to see.

FromRome.Info has often been claimed to publish pro-Ukranian propaganda, but never has anyone who has claimed that proven that by facts on the ground. All our stories turned out true, while the counter narratives fed to the west by Russians turned out to be total contrivances.

That might be difficult to understand or verify by persons who do not know whether Kyiv borders Afghanistan or Uganda, but if you do some research you can discover the truth.

Unfortunately, sites like Canon212 and LifeSiteNews and Conservative Tree House have just shown you why it is useless to rely on their reporting or editorials.

Contrariwise, when you consider the millions of Christians who are suffering horrible and horrific deprivations and atrocities in Ukraine, and see how little Christians of the West, who suck up such propaganda, as the above, without any critical use of their reason, whatsoever, help these victims of war, you might begin to realize how, if you are on the side of Jesus, you need to take a strong stand against the operation of lies used to deceive the many from helping the many.


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4 thoughts on “A Case Study in Russian Propaganda’s Fake News Operation”

  1. Supporting Russia as the victim in the war in Ukraine is a position that is based on ignorance of Ukraine’s history since it’s independence from the Soviet Union and ignorance of Putin’s background. It is a position that basis itself on belief of everything that comes from the mouth of Putin and extrapolates from there. People who hold this position do not read anything about thr man. They swallow KGB propaganda stating that the deep state is worse.

    I encourage everyone to read Putin’s People by Catherine Belton to understand his professional history and what made the man. He is a KGB man turned mafia boss turned burocrat who lept into the role of Russian President when the Yeltsin government lost their political war against the old school communists like Primakov who was the KGB’s plan A. Putin was the KGB plan B, and according to Catherine Belton, much more ruthless than Primakov.

  2. Propaganda is Russian “news”. For those not old enough to remember Pravda during the USSR yrs, it was SOP, and pretty laughable then. Failure to learn the real history is a powerful contributor to this problem of not recognizing propaganda from truth.

    1. Indeed. And “Russia Today’ was formerly a periodical called “Soviet Russia Today”.

      And who founded RT television? None other than Russian-Jewish oligarch Mikhail Lessin. RT is distributed around the world thanks to an Israeli satellite company.

  3. Fabricating a fable about Western “provocation” in Russian aggression on Ukraine serves only one purpose: to kick the West Europe and the USA as the “deep state(s)” of immoral nations. They are immoral, not unlike their adversary, but the truth ends here.

    Which gangster when he feels powerful enough needs provocation? Not this one for sure, and I mean Putin here. Putin is capable of anything, I think. I am Polish, so I know a few things.

    But this conflict has all the makings of the prelude to World War III (something we’ve been threatened with for the last 70 years, until we’ve just become numb), especially now with the escalating military help for the bleeding Ukraine. This is what I was afraid since the beginning of this military aggression last year.
    There is no (good) way out of this situation, in my opinion. Not helping is morally wrong, helping is deadly.
    Only a miracle can save us and we should pray for it. On our knees.

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