GERMANY: Life Insurance Companies say excess Deaths after DeathVaxxing are inexplicable

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4 thoughts on “GERMANY: Life Insurance Companies say excess Deaths after DeathVaxxing are inexplicable”

  1. Just observe a drop of so called “””vaccines””” for C 19 under a microscope (600x to 1200 x Is enough) and submit to the Raman spectroscopy on these wave lenght

    Then search in Google “graphene oxide health”

    And you’ve got the answer.
    (Or at least One of the answers)

    ATTENTION to anesthetics, and flu “vaccines”

  2. What I find curious is that suddenly science (The vocation of investigating and knowing the unknown) is not at all curious to do autopsies in this epidemic of “mysterious” deaths.

    This is a phenomenonal lack of interest.
    Homo sapiens is suddenly Homo ignoramus.
    And nobody asks why!
    Least of all Doctors and Pharmaceutical Companies!

  3. See what happened in the régimen of the two most expressions of totalitarism in the XX century.

    everything of what was done was
    . “scientific”
    . “legal”
    . “moral”

    The dogma about the human reason (Vatican I, 1868-1870)
    2. On revelation
    1. If anyone says that
    the one, true God, our creator and lord, cannot be known with certainty
    from the things that have been made,
    by the natural light of human reason:
    let him be anathema.

    It’s time to rescue the human reason:
    . From itself (selfism)
    . From the majority (relativism)
    . From the artificiality (metaversism)

    it’s only the positivism that states with the ongoing time human progresses.
    but no: the moral issue starts everyday and each generation

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