USA: Bishop of Springfield laments that there are Cardinals who are heretics

Editor’s Note: Here one of the higher profile Catholic Bishops in the United States of America summarizes the ecclesiastical problem of a heretical cardinal. — The historical context appears to regard Cardinal McElroy of San Diego, who recently said that sodomy should be understood as an act of love fully in harmony with the Gospel. — But that First Things publishes this article now, after 10 years does not surprise, since they were founded by individuals known to push the CIA controlled Church narrative in the USA. Before the juridically valid election of Pope Francis, on January 30, 2023, they would have never dared. Now, it seems that the Skull and Bones Lodge understands that Bergoglio is no longer in their pocket, but has been infiltrated by the High Priestly Prayer of Christ, and thus they begin the attack, like a large chorus on a trigger string. — I will note however, that the Bishop does admit that Cardinals can be judged by the Pope alone (Who has just been saying that for 30 days?). But the Cardinal fails to distinguish clearly between the capacity to discern heresy, and the authority to judge a person. — I myself am still wondering if the Masonic Ritual killing of Bishop O’Connell was or was not a message sent to the Vatican. — But, I do thank His Excellency, Bishop Paprocki for publicly affirming what I have been saying for 9 years, about heretics in the College of Cardinals.

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