An Exposé of Vladimir Putin, seducer of the Russian People

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4 thoughts on “An Exposé of Vladimir Putin, seducer of the Russian People”

  1. All that gold leaf in all those palaces gets boring, but Nero, Napoleon, and Idi Amin would have loved it. Dictator chic.
    At age 70, Putin will die soon; and sic transit gloria mundi.

  2. That surprises me. He’d made comments during a press interview, some years ago, abt the shuttering the churches & increased vodka consumption was responsible for many of the social ills that befell the Russian people in the wake of the fall of the USSR. I thought he’d learned that mistake made for problems, but apparently not.

  3. Sounds like Justin Trudeau legalizing marijuana while owning a share of a marijuana production company and living high off the hog in London hotel suites costing $7,000 per night while Canada is in a recession.

  4. Putin is just another part of the WEF/NWO satanic ruling death cult — like most current world leaders.

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