Letter to the Editor: The United Attack on the Vicar of Christ

Dear Editor,

Firstly, very well done for your noble work on behalf of Holy Mother Church.  These truly are extraordinary times for we who are wedded to Truth Himself.

You mentioned in a recent post that the globalists are now smearing Pope Francis, having recognised that he is no longer one of their own.  An example landed in my inbox today, from a Catholic friend who appears to have taken at face value a truly scurrilous piece of deceptive reporting from NewsPunch and its subsidiary Thepeoplesvoice.tv fronted by Baxter Dmitry.  I haven’t been able to discover whether the video and “news” article are a repost, however the article linked below is dated 20 February and is a lying hatchet job  from beginning to end, conflating various words and deeds of Jorge Mario Bergoglio from his days as antipope:


The lead “theme” is taken from a Guardian article of February 2019 and is, with much sensationalist blather, woven seamlessly into other misdeeds of the antipope from 2019 including the Pachamama escapade.  Baxter Dmitry’s delivery is highly camp, inflammatory and seeking to pit “conservative Christians” against Catholics who might choose to support Pope Francis.  One huge bait and switch, a shell game based on the globalists clear admission that they now have to take down Francis and use him in his now converted self as a wedge issue with the largely ignorant Catholic audience, whether tradservative or Novus Ordo:


It’s informative to note the Wikipedia entry for Newspunch which says that its founders were Sean Adl-Tabatabai and his husband Sinclair Treadway.  To be frank it never ceases to amaze me how easily people, including Catholics, are taken in by the likes of Baxter Dmitry.  He has absolutely zero sincerity and is so transparently agenda driven as to be laughable, not to mention his extremely gay body language and delivery.


I hope this proves useful to you.  It is amazingly moving to ponder the awesome power of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ manifest in his conversion of Jorge Mario Bergoglio as Pope Francis from 30 January 2023.  I never thought I would live to say it, but I positively relish praying for the man and am profoundly grateful that Our Lord and His Blessed Mother have seen fit to open my eyes to the realities of what is happening.

God bless!

With kind regards,

Mark Millward

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8 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: The United Attack on the Vicar of Christ”

  1. He does himself no justice by eradicating the Latin Mass and continuing to allow the homo-heretics and Mafia Minions in offices of power.

  2. Your words, Mark, are a great consolation. I, too, am happy in praying for Pope Francis, and do not resent him any longer since he is no longer an antipope from January 30, 2023. I do not read any news source, for the most part, except Br. Alexis’s website. So, I did not open those links in your article. It is important, as you said, to remain wedded to Truth Himself. I stay close to the Sacraments, read the Word of God, pray the Holy Rosary and sing Gregorian chant.

  3. « It is an invitation to us too; one cannot defeat him by negotiating with him, he is stronger than us. We defeat the devil by countering him in faith with the divine Word.»

    «Then, when temptation comes, I recite it, I pray it, trusting in the grace of Christ.»


    Mark 3:23
    «So He called them to Himself and said to them in parables: “How can Satan cast out Satan?»

    Pope Francis is being attacked by “minutelians” & Co. attached to the past (of being sent by Satan); by globalists (of being a traitor); by (pseudo)traditionalists (as being themselves blind). In the first and third cases, there is a lack of cannon law understanding. When they use it, they make the contortionists so their cannons say what they want. In the second case it’s about destroying the right and the law as first rational protection to the human being in any society.

    1. Amazing! What more evidence do we need of Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s conversion than his Angelus homily referenced above, it is filled with grace, holiness and inspiration to we faithful!

      1. Many thanks, Mark, for your heartfelt “Letter to the Editor” and I am in 100% agreement!

        It has been an extraordinarily humbling & inspiring privilege to be able to make a modest contribution towards the valid papal election on 30th January 2023 and to see the subsequent “good fruits” that are manifest for those few of us ‘with eyes to see and ears to hear’…….

        DEO gratias.

  4. As much as we prayed for Francis predecessor we need pray for him. If he doesn’t already, he will soon, understand what Benedict went through during all his papacy. The ecclesiastical freemasons, the globalists, and traditionalists, most of the sons of satan are lining up to attack him.

    We cannot bring our shopping list and say, like the temptation in the desert, now you are the true pope, give us back our Mass (when the very radtrad world are going apoplectic). We cannot say, remove these traitor bishops and cardinals you have appointed, when the schism may become evident and permanent.

    Francis must bide his time wisely knowing the enemy he has lined up against him, as he was once one of them. Our Blessed Lord knew what he was doing when he brilliantly allowed the assembly to elect this man. Maybe Cionci is right when saying that Francis is the man of the secret who will be killed by arrows and bullets, not quite the way the journalist may have envisioned.

  5. I will pray for him because Jesus our God prayed that his faith may not fail.

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