New Fusion Process promises Clean Power

Editor’s Note: While the Wefers have been planning and insisting on a carbon free world as a mere excuse to enslave humanity and establish a fuedalistic society in which only some have access to electricity and transportation, real scientists have been working on the next great leap forward in the production of electrical power: fusion generation. Unlike fission which splits atoms and creates radioactive particles, fusion joins atoms together as the Sun does naturally, to create tremendous quantities of heat and power. The problems of fusion power production have been under study in the last 40 years, and this new team appears to have solved them in a way that is commercially viable for the first time.

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7 thoughts on “New Fusion Process promises Clean Power”

  1. Dear brother Bugnolo,
    Do you know the prophetess Bertha Dudde?
    I read most of them and to me they seem very inspired.
    She warned that humans will destroy themselves because of the powers humans are going to use, we can’t control.
    This could be an example.
    Kind regards,

    1. Man destroyed himself in the garden of eden. so obviously he is not morally competent to acquire any more power.

  2. While fusion power would be safer and cheaper, this success is BARELY the first “baby” step; it’s far from being “ready for prime time”! This was the first time any trying to achieve that has succeeded; it must be repeatable, develop technology small enough to be manageable in cities and towns, train enough people to run it safely, etc. The primary benefit is there’s no “fallout” if a plant hould explode; it’s the unstable atoms caused by fission that are the hazard, not the atoms themselves. Fusion doesn’t create those unstable atoms.

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