2 thoughts on “USA: The Greatest Spreader of Misinformation during the Scamdemic was the US govt.”

  1. Covid policies and recommended treatments(not study/science based) and the aggressive suppression of proven effective treatments has vividly shown that government and big pharma are more interested in hurting/killing us “for control and profit” than providing healthcare

    They definitely have lost all credibility.

    Look to Naturopathic and holistic Practioners. They have been healing without drugs .

    Also FLCCC, group of medical doctors has been fighting all along. Others Dr Malone .Dr Panda, Dr Kory, Steve Kirsch. Germany had 1000+ doctors fighting .

    Other countries are stopping more vaccines USA has not .USA actually looking to push a RSV vaccine next

  2. Sadly, that is true. Master propagandist Fauci was lining his own pockets at humanity’s expense, the whole time!

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