VATICAN: Pope Francis has lost hope in his ability to end Russian Aggression

Editor’s Note: We all need to encourage our bishops to write the Holy Father and tell him that if he consecrates Russia to the Immaculate Heart in communion and with all the Bishops of the world, the Lord God will grant peace! — It is the duty of us who recognize that he is the Pope, at last, to encourage this.

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3 thoughts on “VATICAN: Pope Francis has lost hope in his ability to end Russian Aggression”

  1. Only one thing left to do is to Consecrate Russia and only Russia , a private Synod is suppose to happen , according to the Our Lady of Garabandal Apparition ( not yet approved but it will be ) the Vatican is waiting for the miracle that was announced by Our Lady to happen there to approve it , she said after a private Synod , the Pope comes back from Moscow and the world will sober in chaos , But Russia WILL be consecrated “late ” but it will be , and war will then end .

  2. Maybe Br Bs private synod was what was referred to in the Garabandal apparition. All true prophesy is dependent upon the prayers and penance of the people. So, it can change IF…IF. the people do what The Blessed Mother asks..If you doubt my words read the Fatima message again..
    There are many “if”s in it.

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