7 thoughts on “BITCHUTE suppresses anti-globalist Scamdemic exposing video”

  1. John 8:32
    And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

    I pray that all anti-globalist platforms, including this one, stop suppressing uncomfortable truths. But sometimes people just aren’t ready to hear it, including me.

    The global agenda is about depopulation and control. The people in every country need to raise their level of consciousness, rise up and make their public servants SERVANTS again.

  2. The Lakaruppropel Conference in Stockholm, Sweden for the Frontline Doctors and near the end of the Schedule Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger, past W.H.O. employee turned Whistleblower was invited to speak on a panel. She spoke at the Podium and when a slide was presented to the packed house concerning the topic of Graphene Oxide researched by specialists in Nanotechnology using Electron Microscopes and she began to speak, Dr. Ryan Cole, Pathologist aggressively leaped onto the stage to rudely discontinue the presentation. There was hysteria in the tone of his voice when saying, “This topic does not serve our purpose.”

    This travesty was disturbing to watch as part of a Substack Presentation; but it wasn’t nearly so sinister as Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger’s contribution to public information when on Rumble’s ‘Dr. Jane Ruby Show’ when she provided her Platform to allow Dr. Stuckelberger to finish her presentation in peace.

    Both the show and ‘After Talk’ is well worth the time to watch and it’s apparent; Catholic Dr. Astrid Stuckelberer; though a gifted, informed and highly effective Physician and Professor in the field of Public Medicine and Safety…She is suffering as a result of the information she’s found these last few years. There was evident ‘cognitive dissonance’ when Dr. Jane softly and strongly confronted her with the obvious and clear EVIL inherent to many of the Frontline Doctors allegedly in the Independent Resistance she has known and worked with for many years.

    This circumstance occurring at the end of Jan. wasn’t publicized on any type of Main Stream Media…But, it is on Rumble and found under the names of Dr. Jane Ruby with Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger in the Search. IT IS WELL WORTH THE TIME TO WATCH FOR THE MOST UP TO DATE INFORMATION ABOUT THESE INJECTIONS WE HAVE.

    Also, there are two presenters for a team known as “The Enigma Team’ on Substack outlining 120 years of progressing U.S. Legislative Laws, Codes, Regulations created to allow what has happened…And, the enemies of the U.S. really do believe they could legislate CRIME, CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY as legal.

    Catholic, Katherine Watt has a Substack called ‘Balliwick News’ and Sasha Latypova has a Substack she calls ‘Due Diligence and Art’ and both are at the Frontline exposing the enemies. BOTH ARE WELL WORTH READING IF YOU ALREADY ARE NOT. Genius Work as Br. Bugnolo Here!

      1. Well worth watching, indeed!
        It is heartening to watch & listen to two truth-tellers in amongst all the ‘controlled opposition’ and outright liars within the medical fraternity……

    1. Yes , I agree very much worth the time to watch and listen to Dr. Jane Ruby and Dr. Astrid’s talk.
      Also , Pascal Najadi ,Neutralswiss on Rumble is very informative and has spoken with Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger and many others that bring much more information to these subjects.

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