NIGERIA: Catholics attacked by Muslim Fulani after Presidential Elections

Editor’s Note: In the recent presidential election, Bola Tinubu, a former Mobile Oil executive and drug trafficker, was declared the winner. He is a muslim who has attended Anglican schools, and appears to be the CIA choice.

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2 thoughts on “NIGERIA: Catholics attacked by Muslim Fulani after Presidential Elections”

  1. What amazes me, we Catholics are so messed up into believing fake visionaries and fake apparitions, that in South Sudan, an Assembly Of God Preacher who was a former motorcycle gang member, drug user, after 1 very bad experience, his wife took him to their Assembly Of God church, he got baptized and instantly changed. He opened up Childers Construction, went over to South Sudan for his church and helped with construction. He wanted to see the real South Sudan, and the South Sudan People Defense Forces took him, he saw a village that the War Lord Kony burnt to the ground. He goes home to Pennsylvania and designs an orphanage, he goes back & builds. Kony destroys, but Childers fell into despair, his wife calls, reminds him to trust in the Lord, he rebuilds with stone. He then goes on mission with the South Sudan People Defense Forces & he is still doing this today with his NGO. Gerard Butler portrays him very well in the movie Machine Gun Preacher, it’s rated R for the war violence, drug use, language, violence of his past life and 1 scene where you hear them making the noise of having relations.

    Imagine that, a former druggie, biker gang member, turned Assembly Of God Preacher can do what is right and just, but we Catholics who have the military history of doing this, are so confused and messed up, can’t do it? Mr. Childers has been doing this since the 90s. An Assembly Of God Preacher who is doing this, nearly telling his church at home or on TV the message of Urban II, yet when we at Ordo Militaris Catholicus does it, with the same mission of protecting Christians, falls on ears who don’t want to hear it. Think about that.

    1. Thanks for this interesting information, AJ.

      I think the answer to your question “why can’t Catholics emulate the charitable actions of this Assembly of God Preacher?” lies within the expression ‘so confused and messed-up’……
      It is the result of the Doctrinal Warfare strategy against the Church, started by the CIA in 1953 [as revealed on OMC Radio TV] and which first became manifest at Vatican II……
      The very deliberate watering-down and protestantizing of the One True Faith in the liturgical, theological & philosophical spheres has resulted, precisely, in whole generations of clerics & laity who are “confused and messed-up” – and one prime example of this is the widespread hatred and ignorance of the TLM, Latin in general, and Gregorian Chant.

      I could also mention the dreadfully widespread liturgical abuses within almost every ‘Novus Ordo’ Mass……but I would almost certainly run out of space within this comments box!!

      Pax tecum.

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