YORE: There has been a tectonic shift in the Church

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Elizabeth Yore had finally admitted what FromRome.Info has documented from the beginnings and from its origin: that “there has been a tectonic shift” in recent weeks in the Catholic Church.

While she does not know the cause, she notes that all of a sudden it appears that the Catholic Hierarchy have awakened and are wiling to battle heresy and dissent in the open, even to the point of using the word, “heresy”, which has not been heard since the days of the Council.

She also does not know the date upon which this shift began.

While readers of FromRome.Info even know the precise day and hour, I need to point out that the source of the article above is not entirely sincere in its reporting. In fact, we have a twofold movement going on since January 30, 2023 A. D..

One is that of the Holy Spirit who is inspiring Catholics to come alive and live the faith, in union with the Church and Peter, and to see many problems in the Church caused by the CIA program to infiltrate and destroy us ideologically from within.

The other is the CIA controlled opposition, which has been ordered into a coordinated attack against the unity of the Church, now that their handlers have discerned that Pope Francis is no longer under their control in his public acts.

This second movement, which is of Hell, is attempting to convince Catholics that they, not Christ, can alone save the Church, and to do so they must break the rules and laws of ecclesiastical communion and hierarchical subordination.

However, for the confutation and confoundation of these workers of iniquity, the Holy Spirit is at work to use even these to His purpose, which is to glorify the Father in Christ by manifesting the efficacy of the High Priestly Prayer of the Eternal Son for His true Vicar on Earth, the man who has received the petrine munus, after his juridically valid election at the end of January, by the Roman Church.

Here, it is absolutely necessary to use spiritual discernment and the weapons of righteousness, and not fall into the deceits of the flesh and the pride which would excuse the works of darkness. We must be simple as doves.

The Church cannot be saved by men, because Christ Jesus is Her only savior. Yet, the Church can be repaired by the Faithful if we ardently and zealously work with Christ as Christ wants us to.

This means first of all generous prayers and sacrifices to obtain grace for our sacred pastors, so that they cooperate with Christ’s High Priestly Prayer which promotes repentance, reconciliation, and the profession of the perennial faith of the Church in the cultivation of the ancient and immemorial rites which where handed down by Christ through the hands of the Apostles, and from them through their disciples down through the ages.

And this requires, on the part of our minds, that we reject utterly the false narratives sown in public discourse since 1953, when the U.S. Department of Defense and CIA began their ideological war against the Catholic Church, ideated the Vatican Council and plotted to undermine the Church from within.

And so we must be bold and courageous to not merely stop at the observation which Yore has made, in the effort to support half the truth, namely, that the Second Vatican Council, in declaring nothing dogmatically and deciding nothing canonically, represents in no manner whatsoever the authentic infallible magisterium of the Church, and must be rejected totally on the grounds that its first cause and purpose were suggested by the CIA not the Holy Spirit.

But we must do this spiritually, but insisting with our sacred pastors in person, that they snap out of the false presumption, that they must always do what their peers and superiors opine, rather than stick to putting in practice what they have validly and juridically enacted. They must attend very carefully to these things, recognizing that Saint Pius V’s Quo Primum remains in force, that Paul VI’s Missale Romanum is a dead letter, inasmuch as it institutes nothing, and that Benedict XVI’s Summorum Pontificum correctly discerns that what was never abrogated cannot be forbidden.

But while this view of the liturgical or ecclesiological problem is widespread, it must be united to the canonical understanding of who is the true pope and when a man becomes and renounces such an Office, which is a thing not understood by press releases, but by the law itself, so that one can rightly discern HOW TO OBEY and WHAT TO OBEY, from when to not obey a document without authority or a superior acting ultra vires, that is, beyond his authority.

At the same time we ought to ramp up the canonical petitions and denunciations and insist that public heretics be corrected or expelled, while errors be confessed and denounced, and reprove more severely than ever, but with greater charity, our sacred pastors who follow the false gospel, which says, that “I can commit no sin, so long as I blindly follow my superior’s whims.”

Christ Jesus never taught that we should follow our superiors whims, when our superior is not God. He and His Church have always taught that when our superiors in Christ are mere men, we only follow them in their juridically valid commands. The rest we ought never respect or disrespect except on the criterion of their conformity or non conformity with the Faith.

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6 thoughts on “YORE: There has been a tectonic shift in the Church”

    1. Two coachloads of teenagers from our linked-parishes in mid-Essex, accompanied by our Parish Priest & his Assistant & his Administrator, attended the “Flame” event yesterday; also our diocesan Ordinary…….so I will be interested to hear their reactions to the event over the coming days!

      DEO gratias for the manifest ‘conversion’ of Cdl J-M Bergoglio since his election to the Throne of Peter on 30/01/2023.

      1. And…….many thanks, once again, Brother Alexis, for your erudite analysis & commentary.
        Which educates, inspires, and continues to make ‘From Rome’ by far the most reliable source of Catholic-media Truth on the internet.

        DEO gratias.

  1. The season of Lent must have helped the faithful and the bishops get stronger to fight heresy.

    The Catholic Church had received grace because of the election results of Jan 30, 2023 happened. The direction of the Lord’s miracle on Jan 5, 2023 is the sign for all to see.

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