Efficacy of the Prayer of the High Priest, Jesus Christ, Report: Week 5 of Pope Francis’ Pontificate

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo


The juridically valid election of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, to be Roman Pontiff, was held on Monday, January 30, 2023, at about 12:30 PM, 5 weeks ago.

The proof of its validity in the sight of God is that the one elected is now the beneficial receiver of Christ’s High Priestly Prayer for Peter: “I have prayed for you that your faith may not fail”, as evidenced by the PUBLIC FACT that Pope Francis has not uttered 1 blasphemy or heresy in the last 5 weeks.

This week, I want to comment on the total dishonesty of the controlled Masonic media, who while Pope Francis was without the petrine munus defended or tore their garments at every heresy and blasphemy he uttered, but now, without anything such for 5 weeks, remains totally silent, as if nothing has changed, or worse, regurgitates past events as present, with the pretense that the same is on going.

The worst of which is Frank Walker of Canon 212, who has become even more strident in his insults toward Pope Francis since January 30, 2023.  I do not know why this would be, but I do know that Frank is a stand up comedian and saxophonist by profession, who is clearly pushing a narrative, rather reporting events factually and dispassionately.

The combined silence of these media outlets, is another LOUD but false TESTIMONY FOR ALL WHO HAVE EARS TO HEAR.

Our Lord said, if you have faith, you will be able to say to the mountain, move, and it will be moved. The Mountain is now in motion and those who want to see, can see it.

Would that Catholics have more trust in Jesus Christ. Perhaps many think He is a myth and that the claims of His power are just that, old superstitions. But He is the One Who has the words of eternal life. And when we risk ourselves in believing in His Words, only then do we hook our wagon to the train which is headed to Heaven.

Yet no social media influence speaking on this topic has dared confront Canon Law. They all keep telling Catholics that Pope Francis has turned against the TLM once again. It is a complete lie. By not issuing a rescript, Pope Francis is indicating that as Pope, he does NOT approve of this attempt by Cardinal Roche to squash the Old Rites.

But what we can see, is that, now that Pope Francis is validly elected, the controlled Catholic Media ares treating him as they treated Pope Benedict XVI with strident and daily outrageous insults and accusations. These journalists and social media influences are showing themselves to be true enemies of Christ.

I will report on this on a weekly basis, to glorify the Lord Jesus and His wondrous care for His Flock through the grace of the petrine munus, so that those who see and believe might praise God, and those who disbelieve and say that they see, might be confounded in eternity.



CREDITS: The featured image is taken from the Icon of Christ, the High Priest, available on line here.

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29 thoughts on “Efficacy of the Prayer of the High Priest, Jesus Christ, Report: Week 5 of Pope Francis’ Pontificate”

  1. I hope this site’s theory about J.M. Bergoglio is indeed correct. It does not overlap with the warnings/teachings of Fr. Malachi Martin, as well as what the greatest expert on Fatima in the English speaking world, Fr. Paul Kramer, is teaching about our current world and Church situation in the light of the Fatima messages. Likewise it is very difficult to reconcile this site’s view with the prophecies of Padre Pio, among others.
    I would like to ask that this site be a little more patient and understanding of those sincere and laboring Catholics who have credible and credentialed voices who are saying other than what this site proposes. And that this site not “cancel” us just because we dare to point this out in charity. Thank you.

    1. Vive, I do not think that it is worthwhile that those those think it is a theory that Jesus is God and is faithful to His promise to pray for Peter and His Law that Peter can bind and loose, demand to be heard here in the comboxes. I thank you for your past support, but I cannot respect your opinion, which is gravely offensive to the Divine Majesty, inasmuch as it is based on disbelief and blasphemy. — I wish that those of you who would convict Bergoglio of these sins, take a hard look at yourselves in the mirror of your conscience this Lent.

      I publish this weekly article to convict those who say I am a fraud or a trickster or a govt. agent, when I say that Jesus is to be trusted, Saint Peter is to be trusted, and thus Catholics of Rome have the same authority today as during the last 2000 years to elect their bishop.

      What has happened in the last 5 weeks is the most extraordinary miracle in the history of the papacy, and I am not the cause of it. God who is faithful is the entire cause. I and those who helped me do it, just trusted in God. And we are fiercely and bitterly hated for it, by the grifter collective.

      It is obvious who is on the side of Christ and who is on the side of Satan. If you cannot see it, you are not using your faculty of faith, if you have such a faculty.

      Alas, deluded by the devil, many have exchanged their faculty of faith, for the faculty of hate and dissent. And these cannot be saved.

      Finally, I find it incomprehensible that you think that the authorities you cite are more authoritative than the authorities which I and the readers of FromRome.Info trust in. How can you be so unknowledgeable about such central matters of faith? Do you really think that any interpretation based on the writing of such men can trump the clear teaching of Jesus Christ and the unbroked millenial tradition of the Roman Church?

      1. An excellent response!

        As one who was inspired by Divine Providence to make an affordable, yet still modest, contribution towards the expenses of the valid papal election on 30/01/2023, I see very clearly the “good fruits” that have resulted.

        But I also see, most regrettably, many of the deceptive, divisive, and frankly scandalous, outbursts from the ‘controlled Catholic media’ amongst many of which I name Rorate Caeli and The Remnant!

        “Holy Michael the Archangel, defend us in the day of battle…….etc.”

  2. Brother Alexis, apologies for this off-topic question, but can you please tell me if you are aware of any Church councils (outside the 21 recognised) that received no Magisterial approbation and were subsequently anathematised?

    I vaguely remember hearing of one that was (presumably) ecumenical and which, having stood for some decades though having received no approbation, was subsequently quashed and its pronouncements deemed heretical.

    Perhaps I imagine such though I’m almost certain I once read of such.

    Any help very much appreciated.

    1. There is no precise theological or canonical criterion for an ecumenical council. There are those who have attempted to define it, but definitions vary as much as one wants to claim this or that. The 8th ecumenical council of the Catholic Church, taught nothing new and established disciplines which were not new or which were never kept for long. So to name or proclaim a council ecumenical means nothing and engages our obedience of faith in no particular way.

      1. There are many councils which were anathematized. The most recent one was Pistoia.

  3. As stated, I hope that this site is correct. We are fully confident that God can save his Church in the way that is presented here, but having more of a “wait and see” attitude does not mean that we are not using our “faculty of faith” with regard to Bergoglio. Acknowledging the weight of varying views on what is going on in Rome is not being faithless. We all will wait to see what comes next now that Pope Benedict has gone to his reward. There are certain prophecies that are to be fulfilled, and if we do not acknowledge these then we make Our Lady (and others) a liar. Kindly allow us to benefit from your site, without being disparaged by this site, even if we are proceeding cautiously regarding occupied Rome. thank you

    1. Vive, as I said, I cannot respect those who deny the obvious facts of 5 weeks and present no argument more solid than your own. I would sin against Christ by offering such human respect.

    2. May I encourage you to put more trust in ‘From Rome’ and the erudite, scholarly writings, analysis & opinion of Brother Alexis; also OMC Radio TV and its presenter AJ.
      It has become abundantly clear to me over the past year that no other English-speaking Catholic apostolates come even close to the Truths that are regularly presented here, especially as a result of a thorough knowledge of Canon Law, of Latin, of Papal & Curial regulations etc.

      It is also clear to me that the Paraclete, the Spirit of Truth, has had a remarkably positive effect on Pope Francis since his valid election on 30/01/2023.
      Prior to that date his actions & words as a heretical antipope were determined by the freemasonic/CIA doctrinal warfare strategy against the Church.

      Pax tecum.

      1. Well Francis just appointed the heretic Cardinal Hollerich from Luxembourg to his Council of Cardinals known as the C9. Explain to me how a true Vicar of Christ would appoint a blatant heretic/apostate to his council!

      2. Jesus appointed Judas Iscariot and Simon Peter as apostles. Both of these betrayed Him.

        I guess, then, if the motive of your argument is sound, that Jesus Christ cannot be the true God, true Messiah.

        But why did you fail to mention that Pope Francis just dismissed Cardinal Marx from the same council?

        The council of cardinals is not a doctrinal body, it serves to give advice about material affairs of the city state of the vatican.

        If Jesus ate with the friends of Matthew, who were all public sinners of the most scandalous type, how can any Catholic claim a pope is not a true pope, if he appoints even an unbeliever to a position of honor for the sake of counsel.

        I dare say you have taken counsel from many non Catholics in your life, from the supermarket to the gas station. Does that mean that we should question your fidelity as a Catholic, or your ability to comment as a Catholic?

        So why does this even scandalize you?

        By the way, how do you know that the Cardinal in question has not repented and gone to confession? Are you even a Catholic? And have you ever written to the congregation of the faith to denounce any heretic?

        These questions of mine are rhetorical, to make you reflect on what you have said. I do not ask them to obtain personal information.

        Does that mean I agree with the appointment. No. But I do recognize that my prudence is not so authoritative that I can deny Jesus Christ or separate myself from His vicar, by means of rejecting or denying the juridical principles under which Jesus Christ put me, when He declared to the Apostles: He who hears you, hears Me; and to Peter, “Whatsoever you bind …” and about Peter, “I have prayed for you, so that that your faith may never fail …”

  4. Lo zelo apostolico

    In virtù del Battesimo ricevuto e della conseguente incorporazione nella Chiesa, ogni battezzato partecipa alla missione della Chiesa e, in essa, alla missione di Cristo Re, Sacerdote e Profeta. Fratelli e sorelle, questo compito «è uno e immutabile in ogni luogo e in ogni situazione, anche se in base al variare delle circostanze non si esplica allo stesso modo»

    Pope Francis, 8 march 2023


  5. “In Jerusalem the Church was born, when the Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples gathered in prayer with the Virgin Mary and sent them forth to proclaim to all peoples the message of salvation.”

    “Jesus wept over Jerusalem. We should not pass over these words in haste. These tears of Jesus should be contemplated in silence.”

    Pope Francis, 9.march.2023


    “Per i cristiani, Dio che si è fatto uno di noi nell’umanità di Gesù continua a condurci in un pellegrinaggio di santità, grazie al quale recuperiamo e cresciamo nella nostra somiglianza a Lui e diventiamo così, secondo le parole di San Pietro, «partecipi della natura divina» (2 Pt 1,4).”


  7. Hummm, three times he refers the “massoneria” in a so short paragraph. He is senile!!! He he he! Lol!

    Sorry Brother Alexis, this is a motive of spiritual joy for me as San Giuseppe Murialdo was a pupil of San Giovanni Bosco. Brother, all of this speech il beautiful and spiritual even not being an homily.

    “A me fa pensare tanto questo tempo, lì, nel “fuoco” – diciamo così –, nel centro della massoneria, a Torino, nel Piemonte, tanti santi, tanti! E dobbiamo studiare perché, perché in quel momento. E proprio nel centro della massoneria e dei “mangiapreti”, i santi, e tanti, non uno, tanti. Dunque ha fondato a Torino, in questo contesto duro, segnato da tanta povertà morale, culturale ed economica, di fronte alla quale non è rimasto indifferente: ha raccolto la sfida e si è messo al lavoro, in mezzo alla massoneria.”

    Pope Francis

    Sala Clementina
    Venerdì, 17 marzo 2023


    Look at the fotos! Look at the true joy at all ages!

    Praise the Lord!

  8. Another “question”: the words of the Dominical prayer
    Pope Francis:
    “E non ci indurre in tentazione”

    You see, donminutelians, who is who?
    Please see: the past questions are over.


    “The Church continues to accompany you, proclaiming to you Christ the Saviour, who travelled through cities and villages bringing the joyful news of the Kingdom of God to everyone.”

    “you remind us that the path to being happy is simplicity; and also form of entertainment in the open air and in company, the opposite of what we increasingly see today, each person alone with a smartphone or computer, which isolates you from social communication. ”

    “I commend you to the intercession of the Virgin Mary, “Mother of Travellers”, a sure guide who leads to Jesus. And may your patron Saint John Bosco and the Servant of God Don Dino Torreggiani, the apostle of caravans, also support you. ”



    You see, donminutelians, Christ THE SAVIOUR?

  10. Il vero sinodo. Non uno qualsiasi

    A volte mi viene un po’ di paura quando parliamo di spirito sinodale e subito si pensa: “Adesso devono cambiare questo, questo, questo…”, e torniamo a chiuderci in altro modo. No, il cammino in spirito sinodale è ascoltare, pregare e camminare. Poi, il Signore ci dirà le cose che dobbiamo fare. Ho visto in alcune proposte: “Adesso dobbiamo prendere questa decisione, questo, questo, questo…”. No, questo non è cammino sinodale. Questo è “parlamento”. Non dimentichiamo che il cammino sinodale lo fa lo Spirito Santo: Lui è il capo del cammino sinodale, Lui è il protagonista. E le donne, in questa dinamica, vanno avanti con i Pastori, anche quando tante volte non vi sentite valorizzate e a volte comprese, siete disponibili ad ascoltare, a incontrare, a dialogare, a fare progetti insieme. Aperte, con la grazia dello Spirito Santo.

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