Pfizer knew beforehand their DeathVaxx caused alarming maladies in Rat Studies

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3 thoughts on “Pfizer knew beforehand their DeathVaxx caused alarming maladies in Rat Studies”

  1. The covid jabs was being developed for SARS-I, but they couldn’t get through the animal studies phase, because the animals kept dying, o the tabled it, ’til SARS-II, covid came along, then whipped it out & raced through the early testing , and got EUA for the human trials, without completing the animal trials AGAIN! So yes, they knew all of it, but since it was intended for depopulation, no matter…

    1. They didn’t do early testing at all. The DARPA Designed injection was passed to the DOD (Which is the Umbrella for DARPA); and the injection was designated a “Countermeasure” or weapon and no testing or accountability is connected to DOD ‘Countermeasures’. The DOD charged the FDA, CDC, NIAID to go forward with redefining the word ‘Vaccine’ to allow it to be referred to as a ‘Vaccine’ to make their ‘Countermeasure’s name to sound benign and even positive. ‘Countermeasures’ are WEAPONS AND THE MONEYS ASSOCIATED WITH THEM ARE UNABLE TO BE TRACED. The designation also grants IMMUNITY TO ALL MANUFACTURING.

      If you wish to learn more…There are two fine ladies on a team called ‘The Enigma Team’ and they publish on Substack and are now hitting the major Alternative Platforms…Including Dr. Jane Ruby Show which Br. Bugnolo was on a short time ago. One is Katherine Watt, a Paralegal and Legal Research Specialist online at her Substack named “Bailliwick News” who has outlined the 120 years of Progressive Laws, Regulations, Codes of Govt enacted bringing the current Crimes Against Humanity into play…LEGALLY, or so they wish to believe. The second is a teammate of hers named, Sasha Latypova and her Platform is called ‘Due Diligence and Art’ addressing the Pharma Industry and Contracts, etc. She was a Pharma CEO and Artist; and left when she became suspicious to the criminal nature of so much going VERY WRONG.

      The Madd Globalist Death Cult is Psychopathological and genius in their putridness. Can marvel at their genius while at the same time being disturbed, revolted and utterly willing to die to oppose the evil scum they are. Pray much and often in intercession…Fast, do penance…LOVE THE CHILDREN AND PETS. Laugh often as it’s a great weapon against evil. God must win this battle and God needs our help.

  2. For how much longer are these masonic scumbags going to walk around freely, living their lavish lifestyles, making more money, and never get punished, they just jump from one place to another, or from one top job to another.
    It’s to much with them just laughing and gaslighting, while continuing rubbing it in our faces..
    Will they not be punished in this life first at all?
    It’s sickening how it just goes on and on, and how the deceived and lied to people continue to act like nothing is wrong.
    Maybe the 3 days of darkness will sweep them away. I really hope so. They will never change anyway. I don’t pray for evil ones anymore.

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