Radio Roma: The Election was invalid, ridiculous because Br. Bugnolo was imprudent, envious of Don Minutella

Editor’s Note: Here two of my best friends at Rome bring forward every kind of insinuation to discount the juridically valid election of Pope Francis at Rome on Jan. 30, 2023. However, they omit every kind of juridical or canonical argumentation. They say I have destroyed my personal reputation forever, and that I should repent of what I have done. That I acted out of a desire to be a leader, out of envy of Don Minutella, with total disregard for the need to get everyone involved, and with suspicious sources of financing. — I post this video for transparency sake. But I will not post a rebuttal, because the miracle that Christ is working daily at the Vatican is my rebuttal.

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16 thoughts on “Radio Roma: The Election was invalid, ridiculous because Br. Bugnolo was imprudent, envious of Don Minutella”

    1. Indeed. Brother Bugnolo acted in good conscience and his arguments were clear and coherent. I have not heard a believable rebuttal yet but plenty of dismissive, even insulting diatribes against him: Pink Rifle’s being the most disturbing.

      The transformation in the tone and themes of the Bergoglian discourse are undisputable. I was NOT a fan of the current Pope before his 180 degree change. I still dislike him but I can understand that those changes have to be supernatural, evidence of the work of the Holy Ghost.

      If I am mistaken someone should show me why, because I reached my conclusions sincerely.

  1. I was not eligible to vote in the Apostolic convocation because I do not live in the Roman Dioceses, but I was hoping that Don Minutella would have follow thru to his earlier statements that he supported such a convocation if the College of Cardinals failed to act within 21 days according to Papal law. So I supported Brother Alexis in taking the lead when Don Minutella and others that had supported that action after the 21st day of Pope Benedict XVI passing. I supported Brother Alexis with a small donation and if I had been able to vote, I would have made an effort to attend. It is sad that Don Minutella chose to reject the Apostolic Convocation after he had stated that it was a valid course of action. Don Minutella had more financial support at that time and I thank Brother Alexis for taking the action he did in providing a venue for such a historic convocation. It is also sad that those elegible to vote chose to follow Don Minutella’s opposition and call to not attend. It was the opportunity of those residing in the Roman Dioceses to state their case and they failed. It is notable the changes in now Pope Francis actions since the 30th of January 2023. An anti pope prior to that date and now the valid successor to Pope Benedict XVI. I myself do not consider any actions by anti pope Bergolio to be valid prior to 30 January 2023, but I see the graces of the Holy Spirit working on him as Pope Francis as of 30 January. Those that want to hear, hear. Those that want to see, see. At least now we have restored the Apostolic succession of Peter and when Pope Francis passes away, we can be sure the next elected Pope will be a valid Pope.

  2. This critique of your work weighs heavily in your favor to anyone who cares to look, especially at the pertinent Scriptural passages you’ve cited, and the canons, both of which they ignore. As you described so well in a recent article, some who call themselves Catholic have imperfect motives for making that claim.

    As for the money you raised, if you’d only raised $400 someone might still have said it was a *catastrophe*. Your fundraising success only proves that you wanted the church of Rome to come to the election! Never mind the expense of renting the huge room in a decently decorated hotel, and printing 20,000 ballots, and all the other expenses. Who else tried to do anything like that?

    I could be wrong about all kinds of things, but that they make these petty objections is clearly pathetic and shameful. I’m sorry for your loss of so many friends, but I see that it doesn’t really hurt you for long, as your sights are not on this world.

    God bless you, your followers and your enemies, and may Our Lady watch over you.

    1. They are attacking Christ’s miracles, so they are sinning against the Holy Spirit by envying another person’s Spiritual Grace.

    2. Many enemies lurk in the dark of our infiltrated Church. Just to mention one example: about 10 years ago I was invited to a Catholic radio program. Everything was kind and friendly until the theme of the program was revealed to the participants: the 16th chapter of the Gospel According to St. Matthew. About one hour before the commencement of the program we had a friendly chat on the subject to refresh the material in our minds. I said my bit, it was perfectly orthodox —I knew that because I had learned that from reading the Apostolic Fathers. The program’s conductor heard me and at one point interrupted me and ordered me NOT to mention that. The argument against the claims of Luther was demolishing. Little did I know at the time that the Church was infiltrated. Now I am convinced that the person leading that program was not Catholic. Later I learned he was an admirer of Karl Rahner.

  3. A French speaking friend of mine to whom I send my translation of your articles replies to your latest report on the efficacy of the Prayer of the High Priest, Jesus Christ – week 5 (my English translation) :

    “Glory to the Almighty Father, glory to Christ, High Priest, and glory to the Holy Spirit! You can tell your friend that Peace has come down upon the desolate souls…thanks to this formidable solution of divine inspiration that he implemented.”

  4. Rafael,
    Just to illustrate about being successor of Peter after Benedict XVI:

    «Su questo aspetto dell’amore il riferimento fondamentale è la prima Enciclica di Benedetto XVI Deus caritas est (25 dicembre 2005)».

    Pope Francis, 9 march 2023.
    I was today.

    It is happening, and happening, and happening.

    And even when Pope Francis quotes his encíclicals (like fratelli tutti, in the case), is filling with strong christocentric significance.

    The same about the synod. Tomorrow, the second catechesis of Cdl. Rainero Cantalamessa about this. Also he seems to have been renewed. And seems to be helping Pope Francis in a true synodal way. One can read the first catechesis to conclude that (about the true Accion of the Holy Spirit.

    How can people now say “Bergoglio” this or “Bergoglio” that. Bergoglio doesn’t quote the magistery, Bergoglio doesn’t talk about Christ?

    Well, I’ll stay here. What happened is full of grace.

  5. Is it possible Don M. wanted to be the “lead ” person in this strange set of events? Is it possible he wanted Bugnolo to fail ? Is it possible he knew what he was going to do, kept quiet till the last minute, and never dreamed Br Alexis would be able to carry out his election ? Did BrBugnolos conclave out Fox everybody by electing Pope Francis..even himself..and the Holy Ghost spoke ? Yep.My opinion.

  6. Br. Bugnolo, It will all come out in the wash. Jesus is the one watching and controlling the show. All in good time. Still and always praying for you and yours and that your work continues on in the name of Jesus Christ.

  7. Well, no matter what anyone thinks, it’s been done hasn’t it? And isn’t God fond of using the small, the lowly, the poor, the meek, those the world does not love to accomplish his greatest triumphs? Thank you, Br. Bugnolo, for seeing what needed to be done, for insisting it BE done, and for using all the resources available to you to insure it would be done and as promptly as possible. When I first read the results of the election I was confused, but also a sense of peace overcame me and I could not and did not question that it was God’s will. My heart, so uneasy and afflicted over the conflict of having “two popes” (not possible!) for so long was finally able to lay this matter to rest. The Church is ONE, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic and must remain so, and now she is again.

  8. I’m pleased to read so many supportive comments of the actions of Brother Alexis. I, too, have endorsed everything he has done to organise and carry out the valid papal election on 30/01/2023, the “good fruits” of which have become clear for all those ‘with eyes to see & ears to hear’.

    Clearly, the enemy has been successful in tempting the Radio Roma participants to commit the Deadly Sins of Pride and Envy, probably Anger as well, and most certainly a spiritual Sloth……so we must pray for these folk, that they may acquire the humility to admit their errors and repent sincerely of their sins……

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