Crusader Patches to promote the defense of Christians
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4 thoughts on “Crusader Patches to promote the defense of Christians”

  1. Love this, AJ and Br Bugnolo!
    My 19 year old son has ordered one as well and shared the Tweet on his social media.
    Our comments:
    We prefer cloth patches.
    If you could offer cloth patches in the other colour schemes we would order more of them.
    How about a khaki and jungle green camouflage colour combination?

    1. Military guys prefer the PVC because they are battle resistant. Cloth patches really are best on dress uniforms. These crusader patches are made in Ukraine, and the supply is very limited, because they are in great demand there, as many soldiers wear them in that Christian nation. — I succeeded in bringing out a small quantity of these Crusader Patches in August of last year so that our Order could raise a small amount of funds.

  2. I would like to know if there is an alternative way to acquire them other than setting up an Amazon account. I know that the order is limited on the ways to raise money, because some ways of setting up use of credit cards to buy things charge enormous percentage charges.

    Based on what is being offered, if I was to get one of each (based on the one per customer limit) that would be $60 US dollars as a donation. For this I would have to set up an Amazon account and I do not trust the Amazon system.

    I bought some Lepanto Flags a few years ago and the way I acquired them was much easier. Is that avenue still available?

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