POLAND: PM defends Pope John Paul II against recent claims he hid sex abuse

Editor’s Note: This news is in response to the March 8th publication of a new book, attacking the late Pontiff’s reputation, which cites allegations beginning from WWII. Like the investigation into pedophiia among the clergy of France, which was bitterly opposed from traditionalist publications, which led to the resignation of more than a dozen French Bishops, in its aftermath, I do not think we can simply dismiss such claims because the sources of such information are “enemies of the Church”. That Pope John Paul II promoted pedophiles even to the Cardinalate, is a known fact, now. That does not mean he was not a valid pope, but it does mean his canonization should be reconsidered, since the Church’s teaching on morals, which condemns unequivocally not only all forms of sexual abuse, but also the complicity in this sin by those who protect perpetrators and promote them, must be sustained at the altar by the veneration of such mean who fought these vices and were not tolerant of them.

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