Robert Kennedy Jr.: 54 % of children in the USA now suffer chronic debilitating disease

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2 thoughts on “Robert Kennedy Jr.: 54 % of children in the USA now suffer chronic debilitating disease”

  1. All vaccines are quaccines. Dr. Andrew Moulden, Canadian medical doctor and neurology researcher, demonstrated with convincing evidence that all vaccines cause injury to all recipients and with each new jab the injury compounds. He was harassed, slandered and died in suspicious circumstances for sharing his ground breaking research and trying to help vaccine damaged children (aka autistic).

    He demonstrated how the change (pre and post jab) in symmetry and alignment of the eyes and facial features points to particular areas of neurological injury. Each jab overexcites the immune system and large white blood cells rush all over the body through the circulatory system causing blockages in the tiny capillaries that feed various areas of the body — the result is the damage or death of various areas which can include parts of the brain and various organs. He also discussed how blood platelets could become sticky and stack together causing blood clotting through the introduction of heavy metals into the body — by affecting the electrical charge of the blood cells. His research is fascinating and I consider him a true genius and hero for his self sacrificing efforts to bring the truth to humanity.

    Dr. Moulden died several years before the Convid scam began. He was likely targeted because his research stood in the way of convincing people that quaccines are still safe and effective.

  2. I forgot to add that the damage to organs caused by quaccines is behind such problems as Diabetes type 1 (injury to pancreas), heart disease, autoimmune disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, etcetera. Most chronic illnesses of these types are not found in children that have never been quaccinated.

    When vaccines were first introduced in the late 1800s medical doctors called them “quackery” — hence the name quaccines. And the same doctors noted that they had rarely seen cancers until the introduction of the quaccines.

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