USA Banks lose 53 Billion in market value, after SVB Bank reports 2 billion loss on US Govt securities

Editor’s Note: This news should really concern anyone with investments in bank stocks or large capital deposits in US banks, because as this case shows, the small accounting loss of one bank, when reported, can cause a panic which causes large banks to lose 25x as much in market value. When US Banks invest in US government securities, they have no option to cover loses unless they sell stock. The reporting of such loses can cause a run on their stock values and a flight of depositors. In such cases, banks would not be able to stop a downward spiral. During the Scamdemic, investors dumped stocks and put their cash in banks. Banks however invested them in US govt. securities which are now falling in value because of the US Federal Reserve to raise interest rates. — This relationship between Banks, deposits and US securities means that as the US Fed raising rates puts small less stable banks to be at very high risk for failing.

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7 thoughts on “USA Banks lose 53 Billion in market value, after SVB Bank reports 2 billion loss on US Govt securities”

  1. This means $$$ would be worthless in a year or this Christmas this year earliest right? US Banks would scamper around and move everywhere else to.

    I hope those who had farms had planted good enough amount of apples for their family’s food during the money breakdown.

    1. No, It just means that if a real shock hits multiple banks, then the system can easily go into a death spiral which would wipe out the value of the US dollar and make it very difficult for the US govt to reimburse account holders in bankrupt banks, in addition to devaluating the US dollar and raising inflation over a short period to over 100% per month or per year.

      1. This was what the WEF must have planned! Repeat the Great Depression, then introduce something like new money. So in a way all will serve the government in the time of joblessness.

  2. Invest in real assets like precious metals which increase in value during inflation. Also they can be held outside the financial system.

  3. I’ve been expecting a depression to make ’29 look like a cakewalk, since the mid-’70s; I just didn’t know when it’d come…

    1. The moment the government started attacking the farms, and sadly killing farmers, I realized that the government is trying to plunder everyone again.

      Jesus and Mary, we love you. Save souls.

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