Msgr. Strickland calls on Bishops to denounce the German Heretical Schism

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8 thoughts on “Msgr. Strickland calls on Bishops to denounce the German Heretical Schism”

    1. In ecclesiastical usage, Msgr. means Bishop and is the correct address, where as Bishop is the office/title, not the address.

      1. In the USA this is confusing as the honorary title “Monsignior” for an outstanding pastor after many years work has been dropped.

  1. Those modernist German bishops appear to be charlatans who were never Catholic. Modernists were condemned and excommunicated by Pope Pius X and they should never have been allowed to flourish in the Church again — all agents of satan (knowingly or unknowingly). Modernists are self involved narcissists who deny the divinity of Christ and His teaching and authority, and instead promote sin as good. Pope Pius X should have identified the modernist philosophy by its correct name – luciferianism.

  2. God bless + Strickland, a true good shepherd.
    He has done us all a favour by demanding the world’s Bishops declare themselves publicly for or against sin.
    The faithful around the world can keep a scorecard to see where the GOOD bishops are.

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