Pope Francis on priestly celibacy in recent interview

Editor’s Note: No theologian ever taught that a Pope by his grace of office could never fall into any error. Infallibility, in fact, refers to the ability not to err in matters of faith or morals, not facts or history. In this interview, Pope Francis said that “everyone” in the Orthodox Churches are married. — Yet, in the Orthodox Churches none of the hermits and Bishops are married. No priest of any monastery is married. — Here we see the fallibility of the man. — Is priestly celibacy temporary? Well everyone in Heaven is celibate, but no one in heaven is under the earthly ecclesiastical discipline. Is priestly celibacy a debated issue? Yes, from the first Council of Nicea, which is infallible, married men, in the Eastern Rites have been allowed to be ordained priests, while keeping their wives, but never Bishops or monks. But Our Lord promises St. Bridget of Sweden, that the Pope who would allow priests to marry in the Roman Rite, could do it, but that He would damn him to hell for it. — So here we see clearly the limits of papal power and papal infallibility, and how even Our Lord might bend to Peter yet disagree with him profoundly; yes, profoundly as Hell itself. — For Jesus Christ our High Priest is celibate, and the best thing is always to imitate Jesus.

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4 thoughts on “Pope Francis on priestly celibacy in recent interview”

  1. One would think that priests would choose celibacy in honor and gratitude for their high calling.

  2. Our Lord tells it to St. Bridget because he sees the future… and he is the one to open the scrolls kept hidden since the time of Daniel the prophet.

    We pray to God that priests will remain chaste, poor and most of all obedient to Jesus.

  3. You are obviously not a catholic, or, you never understood the Catholic Faith. When God makes a promise, He keeps it, because He is Faithful. That does not mean that man becomes God’s superior, but it does confirm that God has become incarnate, and as Man keeps faith with man. Pharasees and Jews and Muslims are scandalized by this religion, because it shows that God surpasses man in humility and wisdom and is really a lot more good than the carnal mind can ever imagine.

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