USA: House & Senate vote unanimously to push Covid “virus” narrative

Editor’s Note: This is a vote 100% in favor of the BigPharma Scamdemic, because by wanted a release of information about the origin of a non-existent virus, they uphold the fake narrative of a Pandemic, which in fact never existed except to convince 7 billion to take the DeathVaxxes, destroy their own health through the DeathMask or DeathSwabb and come under the permanent control of the globalist elite, at the level of human rights and health decision. — When and if Nuremburg 2.0 is held, ever politician who voted for this should be on the list of those to be prosecuted, under penalty of death, for intentional fraud to deceive humanity to take poison.

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6 thoughts on “USA: House & Senate vote unanimously to push Covid “virus” narrative”

  1. Agreed Brother Bugnolo. The network of criminal conspirators needs to be arrested and prosecuted now — good police and military need to do their job of protecting their nations, constitutions, families and fellow citizens. If not the criminals will be moving on to their next planned phase of mass murder and enslavement.

  2. What is so shocking to me is how so many people around me, to include friends and family, are so either clueless, ignorant, indifferent or worse of all not even curious about questioning the government narrative. When gently trying to propose questions to them they are either hostile to even entertain the idea or worse of all they don’t even seem to care. Even bringing up how people either have died or been injured and then censored after taking the injection they seem unfazed. It hurts me to realize how so many of the people I care about, look up to or admire are so indifferent of other people’s suffering. I have now come to understand how Germans accepted all of Hitler’s atrocities on mankind. As isolated as sometimes I feel in my thinking (because no one around me seems to care or don’t want to talk about it) I thank God everyday for allowing me to live in these times and have the scales fall off my eyes. I want to thank you Brother Alexis for having the moral courage to speak as openly and clearly as you do about these matters from a Catholic perspective. I keep you in my prayers during the Rosary especially during the third sorrowful mystery, so that you may continue to have that moral courage to keep speaking as you do.

  3. I would like proof there ever was a virus; yes, something sickened and killed people, but many things, besides a virus, can do that. Why has NO other level 3 or 4 biolab reported isolating said virus from all those sick people? Did the all suddenly go rain dead? I really don’t think so. Why were the outbreaks so sporadic, unconnected, and even way out of season for viral infections? More to the point, why did a new outbreak “miraculously” crop up just as people’s fatigue with the mask, distancing, and lockdowns began flagging? Viruses usually travel like wind or water currents, not bouncing about like crazed “flubber” balls, as this did. A lab leak would make sense, except for all the rest of the questions it doesn’t answer. History has shown viruses breaking out in China generally followed the land( silk) route from China to the ME, then land and shipping routes into Europe. This instead appears to have spread via air route hubs, to other lands, and then gone totally whacko in how it spread in them. The hubs are no surprise to me; I’ve known for decades a plague could be spread globally that way in about 24 hrs, before symptoms even began appearing. The only way to stop it would be a global shut down of all air traffic. Careful quarantine of all ships’ crews would also be necessary, along with sealed tight borders and coasts. Even that will only slow the spread, but to a manageable level. I don’t foresee leftists making those decisions. Neither do I see other sensible precautions being taken, in the next “pandemic”.

  4. Nuremberg 2.0 is a human action and if can be done, will erase most governments so peoples can start anew with at least more God–fearing Catholic leaders.

  5. Brother, this is spot-on the judgment you delivered last year at the exact month. The government now is trying to make themselves as saviors while trying to give Pfizer, literally, a slap on the wrist.

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