USA: January 6th Video Tape shows that Political Persecution has reached Soviet Levels

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5 thoughts on “USA: January 6th Video Tape shows that Political Persecution has reached Soviet Levels”

    1. In war, everyone who helps as an ally is acceptable. Do you still think that killing Ukrainians is justified?

      1. On the contrary, the teaching of the Bible and of the Catholic Church holds that in just defense, it is licit to kill. Thus, the Ukrainians commit no sin when they kill RF forces, but the RF forces commit numerous mortal sins of murder, entering Ukrainian territory and launching attacks against Ukrainians, civilian or military.

  1. The only difference between Putin and Zelenskyy in that war is Putin started it, when he swiped Crimea and then tried to swipe more, having gotten away with Crimea. That puts Zelenskyy slightly in the right. But his lack of accountability for the monies already sent, and spent, apparently on things not at all related to fighting the war, puts him and his top people in a very poor light too…
    Back to the J6 kangaroo courts and unlawful entrapment, none of which should ever have happened… Now that entrapment has been proved, all those in jails should be released immediately, and those who orchestrated the entrapment arrested and tried for that crime.

    1. This simply a gross exaggeration. Zelensky never organized a genocidal war against any other nation. The man is a man of peace.

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