USA: SVB, 24th largest bank, fails after massive Run on deposits

Editor’s Note: The majority of funds on deposit at this bank were not insured under the federal FBIC program, and that caused the corporate depositors to run on the bank as soon as they feared about its stability. — A bank run, is when depositors seek to cash out their deposits faster than a bank can create liquid assets to pay them off.

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3 thoughts on “USA: SVB, 24th largest bank, fails after massive Run on deposits”

  1. It’s FDIC and this bank suffered from an asset liability mismatch which is not uncommon in the industry. However, the magnitude of this mismatch at SVB was more severe that other large banks.

  2. Also, several prominent venture capitalists – such as Peter Thiel – advised their tech startups to withdraw money from Silicon Valley Bank on Thursday. Would the bank run have happened if it wasn’t for their urging? Or another question: why would some of the VC luminaries actively encourage a bank run.?
    As always, the story is deeper than the headlines.

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