USA: 11 More Banks might experience bank-runs, on Monday

Editor’s Note: If you are not in the USA and if you do not have a financial relationship with one of these banks, you should not be worrying. — However, as I have said many times, the Agenda 2030 objective of eliminating all physical currencies means that everyone should be moving some of their assets into physical currencies: cash in stable currencies, and other precious metals or real-estate. Diversify to reduce risk. But keep in mind the necessity to always have enough ready means to obtain the necessities of life, or to flee to another place or nation. — The bigger picture here is the elephant in the room since they introduced the fiat currencies in the 1960’s, when, after the assassination of JFK, there was a world wide move away from currencies fixed to the price of gold or silver. All currencies which depend solely upon reputation or confidence are subject to wild swings in prices during panics. That a major world wide financial panic is possible was just proven by the 3 year world-wide medical panic. A panic does not have to be based on facts or reason. Nay, rather, they are nearly always based on fear and terror. This is the kind of event, which the Globalists can use to gain complete control of everyone and enslave them, by making their cash assets evaporate over night. So the best wisdom is to prepare not to be at such a risk.

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4 thoughts on “USA: 11 More Banks might experience bank-runs, on Monday”

  1. This is the reason Europe and US governments are trying to raze the farms, because their banks will be useless if people have a way to produce garments and food.

  2. Dear Brother Alexis,
    Please forgive me for this worldy question but I trust your judgement as a fellow faithful Catholic and astute observer of current events.
    We have a large amount in savings in BMO Bank waiting for the new car we ordered to arrive and that we desperately need.
    I am scared to death we will lose it before the car, a Toyota, gets here. We chose Toyota for its well-known reliability.
    Do you have any advice? Please pray for us in this matter and for greater faith and fidelity to God. Please keep this confidential if possible. Thank you and God bless you.

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