Surprise from UK: Now the Telegraph wants Pope Francis to retire

Editor’s Note: Perhaps I missed it, but before Jan. 30, 2023 A. D., I never noticed any MSM outlet calling for Pope Francis to resign. What has changed that they do not like him? — The Telegraph is a known Pilgrim Society propaganda sheet.

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7 thoughts on “Surprise from UK: Now the Telegraph wants Pope Francis to retire”

  1. Witty, waspish, and theologically, liturgically literate Catholic Damian Thompson writes for both the Telegraph and the Spectator– he may have had something to do with the Torygraph taking this unexpected stance.

    He, and a certain number of wealthy Conservative Catholics, (though not their supine Bishops) may consider the attempted suppression of the Latin Mass the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

  2. Tim Stanley is a Catholic. He is reacting against the supposed opposition of Francis to the Latin Mass. But the proprietors of the paper obviously sense that something has changed and their antipope is now the Pope.

  3. The Daily Telegraph was at one time a fairly respectable broadsheet, conservative/right-wing, but like all the MSM most of which is detestable, it has become just another puppet of the nefarious masonic globalists all of whom are controlled by the enemy who knows precisely what happened on 30/01/2023…….

    Satan and his armies of wicked spirits have no option but to attack on all fronts the legitimate Supreme Pontiff who possesses the papal ‘munus’ and is under the direct influence of the Paraclete, the Spirit of Truth…….

    But Pope Francis can still fall into error, unless he is preaching/teaching on Faith & Morals, and indeed he has already regretted in public to some personal faults……which, to my knowledge, he never did as heretical antipope Bergoglio!

  4. Hi Brother Alexis. My friend wrote that piece (we had been discussing the state of the Church a few days before). I think he is most upset about the clampdown on the Old Rite liturgy. But given everything that has happened in recent years can you blame wanting a different Vicar of Christ? (I take your point about the election etc., but Henry Sire’s “The Dictator Pope” still stands!!)

    1. It’s not a sin to want a different pope or another pope, nor have I ever said it was. But it becomes a sin, if it derives from rejecting the validity of the current pope.

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