VATICAN: POPE FRANCIS shows signs of senility

Editor’s Note: The bigger news this week is that it seems not highly unlikely that Pope Francis is showing signs of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, since he has twice made glaring errors when speaking: once referring to the Italian Archbishop Viganò as an American, and now referring to the monks of the Peshersk Lavria, as nuns.

A great tragedy to Christendom is about to be perpetrated, by the insistence of the Ukrainian government to expel the monks of that monastery, which has been celebrated the Slavonic Liturgy for nearly 1000 years. It would be sufficient simply to ask them to vow obedience to the Metropolitan or Patriarch of Kyiv. They should not be expelled.

You can see my visit to the monastery, here.

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12 thoughts on “VATICAN: POPE FRANCIS shows signs of senility”

    1. I worded that wrong,
      I meant that since Jan 30th if he was starting to resist the mafia, that they would say he was showing signs of senility.

  1. Can we trust Aleteia for accurate Catholic reporting, or are they one of the great many “controlled opposition”?

    Have the Ukranian ‘government’ been ordered by the masonic globalists to expel these monks? President Zelensky is, surely, just a globalist puppet?!

    As regards the possible dementia of Pope Francis, that would be quite common in a man of his age, who has already been suffering many physical infirmities whilst a heretical antipope, and now also with the full ‘weight’ of the papal munus upon his shoulders…… let us pray fervently for our Holy Father, that he not suffer a prolonged, painful, and very visible decline in the manner of Pope John Paul II.

    1. Aleteia has strong links to CIA controlled or supported organizations, which are anti-catholic. But the quotes are verified on several sites, so that is legitimate observation.

      No, I think the Ukr govt is being over zealous, but it may be because the problems are more serious than they are willing to state.

      1. Ok, thanks. It will be interesting to see what if any further information is made public regarding the Ukranian monastery. I remember watching, last year, the video you made of your visit – a most impressive place architecturally and I have no doubt that their liturgies are inspiring, so let us hope & pray that there have been no financial or immoral ‘shenanigans’ taking place amongst the monks…….

    1. Heresy is a form of insanity and PF is no stranger to it although lately he’s been behaving. The pacha mommy thing was definitely a symptom.

    1. It is very unlikely that they will. Putin has publically said that Ukraine is Russia….

  2. In other post I noticed Pope Francis said “massoneria” three times in a short paragraph. Would he be senile? No! Here is the proof. Another front against him. The “fratelli” seem to be annoyed. And yes, Mr Historiador, i mangiapretti cercarono do inficiare il lavoro di Don Bosco. Per questo appariva “Il Griggio”. Va bene? Also in Fátima i mangiapretti bombed the “capelinha das aparições”. Ok? And Don Bosco writted about the illuminati, and about secret societies in a book of history for the young People to read. Ok? Mr “Lo storico”, please read the history. don’t change the past. You can’t do it. Hard limit to supoort but strong one to respect. Ok?

  3. And again:
    (it was the Day before the other news / interview made to correct the Pope, 17 march 2023) he he he

    The speech of the Pope was about San Muraildo but the images connected in the newspaper are Don Bosco and Pope Francis.

    One can read the dream/ profetic vision of Saint John Bosco about the two colomns and the three Popes, as the writer Don Lemoyne let us understand in the Biographic Memories and see somehow what is happening. The dream was read before praying the rosary, the Day 29 january 2023 in the channel @peantoniofigueira

    It seems we must pray for our dear Pope Francis more than ever. See the angelus of today 19 march 2023 and how deeply, humble and convicted he asks “please, pray for me. don’t forget it”.

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