Viganò and Tosatti join Putin’s International Propaganda Machine

Editor’s Note: I recall what it says in scripture about not befriending public sinners. That is the common error of our days. Saint Thomas says that you cannot befriend a sinner without in some sense condoning his sin. And this applies to sinners who are Mafia, civil or ecclesiastical, or on the left or on the right of the political spectrum.

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3 thoughts on “Viganò and Tosatti join Putin’s International Propaganda Machine”

  1. I think one of Vigano’s mission parameters is to keep our eyes focused on mid-level players (and shill for the Eurasianists). He’s there to oppose the decoy (Western) new world order while he and the others set up the Eastern new world order as the saviours/liberators.

  2. This is the reason not to join any political parties right now. These parties are not from God.

    Condoning their sins mean denying the Salvation Christ offered to us.

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